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How to find and defeat 6 Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus


The adventure game Shadow of the Colossus is primarily focused on killing colossi, which are huge titans. Each of them is located at a specific point on the map and has weaknesses that are difficult to find on the first pass. In this guide, we will tell you where to find each colossus in the game and how to kill him.

To begin with, I would like to note that you can find a colossus using the sword of the protagonist. It is enough just to go out into the light and get a sword, after which it will indicate the whereabouts of the enemy. As soon as you defeat the enemy, you will again be at the starting point from where you need to track the next colossus.

Colossus No. 1 (Valus)

The first colossus will be available immediately after the introductory video. He is a training boss, and therefore no one should have any difficulties fighting him. The colossus looks like a huge minotaur, but at the same time it is a rather weak enemy. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Valley of the Wanderer”.

To find the first colossus, go south from the temple where you start the game. Follow through the platforms, and then climb the mountain. You should get into the open field, where Valus will pass by you.

Scramble up Valus' leg over his fur to his back. Each colossus has at least two zones in which to attack. On the back is one of these areas. Approach her, and then, crouching, inflict a strong blow. After several attacks, run to the head of the colossus and finish off the enemy.

Colossus No. 2 (Taurus Magnus)

Now exit the temple and run north. Follow the long bridge, and then cross over it. Follow down the canyon until you reach a dilapidated wall. The second colossus will destroy the wall, after which the battle will begin.

Despite the fact that the second colossus also looks pretty intimidating, it is very weak. Shoot the enemy in the foot. The colossus will fall to the ground. You need to quickly run to the front of the enemy and climb its coat to the very top.

Climbing the opponent’s head, apply a few hits to a vulnerable point. Restore energy, and then run to the back of the colossus. There is the second weak zone of the enemy. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement "Hulk".

Colossus No. 3 (Terrestris Veritas)

The third boss is probably one of the largest in the game. However, do not be afraid of its large size. Compared to other enemies, he is not very strong.

As in the case of the search for the second colossus, follow the bridge to the north, which is located behind the initial temple. You have to get to the desert. Having made your way through it, find the passage between the mountains. Then run straight, and then turn to the side where the cave is located. Swim across the lake and reach the large oval platform, on which the third boss will be located.

To defeat the boss, wait for the moment when he will launch a powerful attack on the ground. Dodge at that moment, and then quickly run to him to climb onto his body. Here you have to jump over the parts of the body of the colossus to get to the head of the enemy. Apply a few blows to a weak zone, and then take a break and regain strength. Go down the back of the enemy to the next vulnerable zone. Finish off the boss! After defeating the enemy, you will receive the Awaken the Knight achievement.

Colossus No. 4 (Equis Bellator Apex)

The fourth colossus is one of the really interesting bosses in the entire game. To defeat him you have to use your wit and environment.

To find the boss, go southeast of the temple. Go through the mountain pass until you reach the valley. There is the fourth colossus hiding.

When fighting a boss, try to lure him into an area underground. Use arrows to attract the attention of the boss. Your task is to quietly go around the boss through the trenches, and then climb onto his back. There, inflict a few blows into the weak zones of the enemy. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Land of Tombstones”.

Colossus No. 5 (Avis Prada)

The fifth colossus is the first flying boss in the game, the battle with which takes place in the air. When searching for the boss, go along almost the same path as the previous boss. Instead of turning into a dark zone, run to the north-east of it and follow directly along the path.

Jump into the lake, then swim to the platform and climb to a high pole. Wait for the colossus to come to you.

When fighting an enemy, stand on one of the platforms located in the lake. Shoot the colossus from the bow, and then wait for it to fly in your direction. At the moment when the boss is too close, jump and catch on his wing. Get to the back of the colossus and strike in the vulnerable area. Then attack the remaining weak zones.

After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement "Riding the Wind."

Colossus No. 6 (Belois Maximus)

The fifth colossus is a huge troll. The boss is in the southwest of the main map. Go through the forest until you get to the structure near the mountains. Go inside. Go through the platforms until you reach the tower. Go outside and you will meet the fifth colossus.

Do not go down to earth. Shoot the boss with arrows from a safe place to attract his attention. Jump onto the enemy’s beard, and then climb onto his head. There is the first vulnerable zone of the enemy. After several hits, go down the back to the second weak point of the boss and finish him off.

After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Tomb of the Giant”.

Colossus No. 7 (Draco Marinus)

The meeting with the seventh boss is truly one of the most memorable in the game, since the battle will take place on water and under water.

Leaving the temple, follow the northwest direction. Pass through the bridge to the north, along which you went to the second and third colossi. Walk parallel to the huge bridge until you find a mountain pass. Now find a lake through which swim a certain distance.

When the boss attacks you, be in the water and try to catch the enemy’s coat when he crawls out. Carefully try to get to the weak points of the enemy, and then kill the colossus.

After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Thunderstorm”.

Colossus No. 8 (Kumorori)

Follow the southeast of the main map to the passage in the mountains. There is a small dark passage in the mountains that you need to enter. Follow forward, jumping on the platforms, until you enter a huge tower. Go out a little and the boss will be in front of you.

Try to shoot the enemy with a bow when he will climb the walls. With an exact hit, the boss will fall. When this happens, quickly jump down and while the colossus lies, apply a few blows to its vulnerable spot. Then repeat the action several times until you kill the enemy.

After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Destroyer of the Coliseum”.

Colossus No. 9 (Nimbus Recanto)

Run to the bridge to the west of the temple. Move to the northeast of the main map. If you move correctly, the location will begin to darken a little. Ultimately you have to get to the geysers. Enter the cave to fight the boss.

When fighting an enemy, it is better to use your horse so that the colossus does not hit you with a laser beam. When shooting an enemy with a bow, try to lure him to the geysers. If you correctly calculate the time, the water from the geyser will dump the colossus and you can calmly climb it to kill.

Apply decisive blows to the colossus’s abdomen, after which it will be defeated. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement "Inhabitant of the cave."

Colossus No. 10 (Harena Tigris)

Again head west from the temple, as in the case of the eighth colossus. However, instead of going back to the geysers, turn southwest. Find the abyss in the mountains. This is the den of the beast that you need to overcome.

When fighting with the boss, stay on the horse. Try to run away from him until he sticks his head out of the sand. At this moment, quickly shoot from the bow into the eyes of the enemy, then jump on him and inflict several strong blows on the vulnerable points of the colossus.

After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement "Secrets of the sand."

Colossus No. 11 (Ignas)

The eleventh colossus in the game is perhaps the most creative, because in the battle with it you have to use fire. To find the boss, move north of the temple through the bridge along which you walked, tracking down the second colossus. Get to the desert, and then find the large abyss that you need to jump into.

Having entered the battle with the boss, immediately try to find the torches, and then climb up the platforms. Grab the attention of the colossus by shooting him from a bow. He must bring down the torch. Jump and take the torch, then light it. Using a torch, lure the boss into the corner of the zone to the light. As a result, the colossus should fall from the edge of the platform, and its armor will then be destroyed.

Climb up on the boss immediately and inflict several fatal blows to him in vulnerable points. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Sentinel and the Abyss”.

Colossus No. 12 (Pelagia)

To find the colossus, go northeast of the temple. Go over the bridge to the forest. Now move towards the waterfall to find the temple with pillars.

Having found the boss, try to be constantly in motion so that he does not hit you with his exploding shells. Try to get around the boss from behind, and then climb onto his body. Being on the colossus, apply a few blows to its weak zones.

After defeating the enemy you will receive the achievement “Thunder over the lake”.

Colossus No. 13 (Phalanx)

The colossus is a giant flying worm. To find it, move in the same direction as when searching for the sixth colossus. You have to get to the desert. Through the forest, go to the ruins, where the thirteenth colossus will await you.

Try not to get off your horse to be able to move quickly. Try to get out of the bow in large bags located on the body of the colossus. When you get into all three bags, the boss will attack you. Try to have time to jump onto the wings of the colossus and hold on to them until he takes a normal pose.

You need to strike in three vulnerable areas of the enemy, located on his body. After that, the enemy will be defeated. After defeating your opponent, you will receive the Eye of the Cyclone achievement.

Colossus No. 14 (Senobia)

Finding the fourteenth colossus is quite difficult. Leave the temple and head west to the bridge. Go through it and enter the abyss in the mountains. Follow the path northwest and enter the cave. Coming out of the cave, you will find a lake that you need to swim to get to the large courtyard. Climb to the pillar and run to the right until you reach the boss.

In a duel with the fourteenth colossus, you need to be ready for platform jumping. The boss is very maneuverable, and therefore catching on him can be a problem. Climb up on the pole and from there shoot at the colossus from the bow, so that in the end it will destroy the structure. Do the same with all the pillars until the building collapses. In the new zone, climb the platform and lure the colossus there. After the platform falls on the enemy, his armor will be destroyed and you can calmly strike at vulnerable places of the colossus to defeat him.

After that, the enemy will be defeated. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Colossus's Shield”.

Colossus No. 15 (Presidium Vigilo)

Finding a boss is easy. Go across the north bridge, then turn east. You must find a huge statue, and then enter the arena, where the fifteenth colossus will be located.

When fighting with the boss, try to dodge attacks in time so that the enemy does not crush you and you do not have to start all over again. Climb onto the platform located in the arena and lure the boss to it with the help of a bow and arrows. Then rise higher. Repeat this action several times until you reach the stairs. Then the boss must break the bridge.

Climb onto it, and then jump onto the colossus. First, hit the hand of the enemy so that he drops his weapon. After that, strike the palm of the enemy to inflict additional damage. After that, the enemy will be defeated. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement “Valley of the Fallen”.

Colossus No. 16 (Grandis Supernus)

Well, you have reached the last boss in the game. Get ready for a very difficult battle in which you have to use all your skills gained during the passage.

Run south from the temple until you reach the huge door. Use a ray of light from the sword to open the door and enter inside. Now navigate the platforms until you meet the colossus.

When you battle with the final boss, you have to overcome several steps before defeating him. Use collapsed platforms to avoid being hit by a laser attack. Run along the underground passages to get closer to the colossus.

When you get to the boss, climb up over his body. First, destroy the vulnerable point on the back of the enemy, and then hit the colossus’s arm when it grabs you. Climb onto the boss’s shoulder and use the ray of light to find his last weak spot. Release there an arrow from the bow, and then quickly run to the enemy’s head. There, deliver the final blow to the colossus. After defeating the enemy, you will receive the achievement "The Last of the Colossi".

Congratulations, you completed the game and defeated all the colossi!

First colossus

Hop on the back of his left foot: there will be his first weak point. In this same place you need to attack the colossus so that he drops to his knee and stops moving for some time - this will allow you to climb onto his back, where you can relax and restore the stamina. The last point is on his head.

Third colossus

Lure him to the edge of the arena so that his blow hits exactly on the pedestal in the center. The impact of his fragile armor will crack. Run away so that he lunges with his sword, then climb onto the blade on his arm. The first vulnerable point of the colossus is on his head, the second is on the navel, it is much more convenient to get through the back.

Fourth colossus

Bait him to the exit of their distant tunnel, then exit the opposite exit. As soon as the colossus bends down to peer into the tunnel, its tail will sink low enough to grab onto it. Insert the sword into the highlighted point on his neck so that he lowers his head - on it will be his only rune.

Seventh colossus

Dodging electric spikes, swim to the place where its tail will float, and hold on to it. As soon as you appear from the water, run along the colossus forward and immediately grab it again as soon as your legs begin to go under water. Under each of the spikes there are vulnerable points that “disconnect” electricity. The final point is on the head.

Eighth colossus

Climb to any floor except the first, and with a shots you can lure the colossus (be careful - do not stand in the orange clouds of gas). When he begins to climb the wall, knock down two of his paws (you need to do it quickly, they recover) so that he falls down and exposes the vulnerable belly. The higher the colossus falls, the longer it is immobilized, but the hero will also have to descend in a hurry - do not crash!

Eleventh colossus

Climb to one of the lamps, when the colossus butts the platform on which you are standing, a torch falls out - hit them on the fire. With the torch lit in your hand, carefully approach the enemy (not too close - hit) until he falls from the arena onto his back. Jump after him and saddle him - he will bring you back to the room with lamps. Jump from the platforms onto his back and attack.

Twelfth colossus

Pour it on your back and climb onto your head. You can control the movement of the colossus by striking tooth-like stones on the left, right, and center on his head. Your goal is to force him to approach one of the buildings, jump on him, dodge the shots of the colossus, and then, when the colossus puts his paws on the roof, - jump on his chest. There is the only rune.

Thirteenth Colossus

Shoot all three large white bubbles from the bow. When the colossus descends, catch it on a horse and directly from it jump onto one of the front wings. Three weak points are located directly on his back.

Fourteenth colossus

Just run away from him in tall columns, starting from the one next to you. He will attack them - having fallen, they will open the opportunity to climb the following buildings. Do not wait on the large square tower - jump from it to the next column. When it falls, climb to the second floor - the colossus will knock the entire platform onto his head and split his armor. After that, it’s enough for you to lure him so that he crashes into something, and you can calmly finish him off.

Fifteenth Colossus

On the sides of the arena, find places where not so high until the next floor, and stand. The colossus will step on the edge of the platform, and its other edge will rise, which will allow you to climb up. Стрелами заставьте его атаковать здание – сверху обрушатся блоки, по которым вы сможете продолжить путь. Стоять на середине мостиков небезопасно – он их снесет. Запрыгнув на него с остатков мостика, атакуйте руну на его голове, а затем проткните точку на его правом бицепсе, чтобы заставить его выронить оружие. Теперь, когда вы будете стоять на земле, он попытается ударить вас кулаком – хватайтесь за него и ползите на ладонь. Там и находится последняя точка.

Шестнадцатый и последний колосс

Добраться до него можно только на лошади, спрыгнув с нее в последний момент. After the cutscene, hide behind a shelter - immediately to your right will be the entrance to the tunnels, along which you need to approach the boss (shelters and rifts!). Having risen on the back of the colossus, poke a point, then jump onto the left palm, which he will bring. Climb your hand, poke it - and get ready to jump on your right hand. Prick her too, so that the colossus stops moving her, and then shoot the boss from the bow into the left shoulder - and he will bring you there. His only rune is on his head.

Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough colossus 6: journey

Go straight, a little to the right, to the formation of stones. Skip them to be on the right and you will reach the entrance leading to the forest. Move to the end and you will hit the road.

On the first fork, turn right and follow this road, and on the next fork, turn left. This way you will reach the edge of the forest and the cliffs that form the street exit. On the isthmus you go into the open space, where you go straight ahead, and then leave.

You may get lost in the forest, so be careful

Now the goal in front of you is the tomb, visible in the ridge on the horizon, beyond the wilderness. Go there, and get off the horse at the entrance - you only get to the entrance, jumping between the stones. Continue along the corridor, overcome obstacles. At the end, go down the stairs and the scene will begin.

Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough Colossus 6: Colossus - defeats the boss

You will not see the colossus immediately. You have to go forward to the edge and start to cautiously go down - you cannot just go out. Instead, you need to rush to the wall, pushing R2 all the time to catch the windowsill. So you go down.

Immediately after landing, a scene will appear depicting a giant who, unfortunately, immediately sees you. So run forward. Head towards the cylindrical fragment in the wall, which you can climb and quickly cross the obstacle. Then run continuously, go to the next wall and do the same.

You must run through the walls as quickly as possible so that the colossus does not hit us

Plot, characters, setting

The game takes place in a fantasy world in which people speak a fictional language specially invented for the Fumito universe, which also includes its earlier and later projects - Ico and The last guardian. According to God's Word, the action of “Shadow of the Colossus” takes place many years before the events of other games. Like another generation of Japanese genius, Dark Souls, The Shadow of the Colossus is very stingy with information - there will be only three videos for the entire game, revealing very little of what is happening here and what the characters want.

The game begins like this. A young warrior Vander (“a pale young man with a burning eye” ©), armed with a magic sword and bow, rides Agro's horse through some “Forbidden Lands” to save his beloved Mono, who is either dead or in a comatose dream. In the ancient temple where he brought the girl, they are surrounded by black ghosts, but Vander drives them away with a glare of light from the blade of the sword. After that, Dormin spoke to him, a mysterious creature living in the temple, who, according to Vander, is able to control life and death. Dormin would be happy to resurrect the girl, but this is bad luck - his forces are holding back sixteen idols that cannot be destroyed by the hands of a mortal. But in the Forbidden Lands sixteen colossians roam, the embodiment of idols, the death of which will lead to the destruction of statues. Vander without hesitation agrees to the deal, despite Dormin's direct warning that “the price can be very high” ...

After the killing of the twelfth colossus, a second video will be shown - a detachment of warriors, led by the old shaman Lord Emon, are sent to the temple of Dormin to prevent Vander. Before Vander goes to kill the last colossus, Dormin warns him to rush because they are trying to stop him. As soon as the warrior manages to reach the arena of the battle with the sixteenth giant, the bridge behind him begins to collapse and his horse Agro, falls into the abyss, barely having time to save the owner. After defeating the giant, Vandera is transferred to the temple, where the soldiers of Emon are waiting for him - the shaman orders to kill the hero, but the freed Dormin takes possession of the body of the latter, turning Vander into the Shadow Colossus. Emon and his warriors manage to escape, but before leaving, the sorcerer throws Vander’s sword into the pond, which forms a funnel that absorbs Dormin and Vander himself. The bridge connecting the temple and the valley with other lands is destroyed after the people of Emon go through it, thereby permanently cutting off the Forbidden Lands from the outside world. In the last, third video, it is shown how a lame Agro returns to the temple, and Mono wakes up and begins to nurse a baby with horns on his head .


The colossi in whose honor the game is named are sixteen giant living statues that were created to support stone idols, and those, in turn, restrain the forces of Dormin. Although each colossus is unique, they have common features - they are much larger than Vander, their bodies consist of stone, fragments of buildings and fur, which you can cling to in order to find the giant's weak spot. Giants' vulnerabilities are indicated by a bright blue symbol called the sigil, and to kill the colossus, you need to pierce their Achilles heel with a sword. It is not easy to do this - the colossi will try to shake off the arrogant insect, and falling from a height of many meters will take away a good part of their health. Also, in addition to the sigils, the colossus has non-fatal weaknesses, the whipping of which greatly facilitates the battle. After the death of each colossus, black smoke erupts from his body, which envelops Vander and carries him and Agro to the temple, and from the idol associated with the colossus, only fragments remain. The player cannot choose which monster to fight with him - only in the strictly described order, although later it will be possible to return to the remains of the colossus and fight again with them. Before each new battle, Dormin gives a very bizarre description of the next colossus, his “place of residence”, special abilities and / or weaknesses, but without prompting it is very difficult to defeat some giants. Colossus List:

  • Valus (the working name is “Minotaurus colossus” or simply “Minotaur”) - the very first colossus, a kind of mascot of the game. It lives in the gorge, unique in that birds of prey fly around it. To kill him, it is necessary to hit several times the sigils on his back and head.
  • Quadratus ("Taurus magnus / Big Bull") - the second colossus living in a cave on the seashore. Corresponding to its working title, it is very similar to a huge bull. To tumble down this giant, you need to shoot in a soft spot on his hoof, and when the colossus falls to his knees, climb onto his body and hit the glowing runes located on the croup and head.
  • Gaius ("Terrestris veritas / Knight of the Earth") - the third colossus, a humanoid giant with a huge "sword" instead of a hand, lives on a large platform - "arena". To defeat him, the player must first make him hit the bulge on the ground, which will damage his armor. After that, you need to climb the "sword" on the body of the colossus and hit the sigils on his head and stomach.
  • Phaedra ("Equus bellator apex / War Horse") is the fourth colossus resembling a huge horse. Lives on a hill surrounded by barrows. To defeat him, you need to be smart - to attract the giant's attention by archery, after which, through the dungeon, go around the colossus bent in search of a player and jump onto his back, where his only sigil is located.
  • Avion (“Avis praeda / Bird of Prey”) is the fifth colossus and the first of two flying enemies in the game. A huge stone bird, lives by the lake in order to defeat it, it is necessary to wait for the right moment and jump onto its wings, after which it will pierce the vulnerable areas located on the wings and tail of the giant several times.
  • Barba ("Belua maximus / Goliath") - the sixth colossus, a huge humanoid creature with a long beard. Lives in the old tower. To defeat the colossus, it is necessary to distract his attention, then climb up the beard onto his head, where the first rune will be, and then go down to the giant's back and pierce the second sigil.
  • Hydrus ("Draco marinus / Sea Dragon") is the seventh colossus, the first water adversary to look like a sea serpent. It scares the player away with the help of electrical discharges created by spikes on the body. To kill a monster, it is necessary to disable these same spikes and to pierce the only weak spot on the head.
  • Kuromori ("Parietinae umbra / Shadow of the Ruins") is the eighth colossus, a relatively small creature resembling a lizard. He lives among the ruins of a tower, crawls along the walls and attacks Vander with poisonous gas. To defeat the monster, you need to knock him from the back and pierce the sigil on his belly. Rinse and repeat several times.
  • Basaran (Nimbus recanto / Storm Echo) is the ninth colossus living in a cave at the bottom of a dried lake. Attacks the player with laser beams. To defeat him, you need to lure the giant to the geysers who will dump him. After this, Vander will be able to hit the runes on the belly and head of the colossus.
  • Dirge ("Harena tigris / Sand Tiger") is the tenth colossus, contrary to its working name, not like a tiger, but like a snake. He lives in a sand cave and purposefully pursues Vander, periodically sticking his head out of the sand. To defeat the colossus, you need to shoot him in the eye and hit a weak spot on his back. Again, you must repeat this procedure several times.
  • Celosia (“Ignis excubitor / Guardian of Fire”) - the eleventh colossus, one of the two smallest opponents of Vander (about the size of an adult African elephant). Lives in the temple of fire. To kill a monster, you need to make him knock a torch off the wall. With the help of the torch, Vander will be able to throw the enemy down, and from falling his armor will collapse. After that, you can calmly climb onto his back and hit the weak point that has opened.
  • Pelagia ("Permagnus pistrix / Sea Monster") - the twelfth colossus, the second water enemy. Strange eyeless creature resembling a gorilla and shooting explosive charges from the horns. To defeat the colossus, you need to wait for the moment when he stands on his hind legs, and pierce the sigil on his belly.
  • Phalanx ("Aeris velivolus / Air Sailboat") - the thirteenth colossus, the second flying enemy and the largest creation in the game. Lives in the desert. To get to it, it is necessary to pierce the air bags on the body of the colossus with arrows. After that, you need to jump onto his “wings” and hit three runes in a row.
  • Cenobia ("Clades candor / Destroyer") - the fourteenth colossus, the second smallest enemy in the game (the size of an Indian elephant). To defeat him, you must rely on ingenuity and speed, namely, to force the monster to bring down a series of pillars until the platform crashes on him, destroying the armor of the colossus, after which he can be killed easily.
  • Argus ("Praes> Trails and stamps