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Character on the fingers


Measure the total length. The total length of the fingers is measured in relation to the size of your palm. On average, the longest finger is seven-eighths of the size of your palm. If it is equal to the length of the palm, then the fingers are considered long. Short fingers are shorter in length than seven eighth palms. The total length and size of the fingers can affect a person’s personality.

  • Long fingers mean a person focusing on details. They think everything thoroughly and, as a rule, critically approach small details.
  • Short fingers mean a person who is physically oriented. Such people focus on real objects, usually in a general form.

Measure each individual finger. Index and ring fingers are compared with each other. If the index finger is even a little larger, it is considered long. The ring finger should be 1/8 inch (1/2 cm) longer than the index finger, then it is considered long. The line drawn between these two fingers should reach approximately half of the last joint on the middle finger. If it reaches above half, the middle finger is considered long; if less than half, it is considered short. The little finger should reach the joint line on the ring finger. If the little finger starts low (the first joint extends less than half down from the ring finger), you will need to take this into account when measuring. The thumb is usually measured from the index finger. Most fingers end between 1/4 and 1/2 until the first phalanx of the finger.

  • The index finger is usually considered the most important in palmistry. It is sometimes called a “mirror”, as it speaks of a person’s self-esteem.
    • A long index finger points to a true leader. Such people are very responsible, demand a lot from themselves and from others. They are usually prone to self-reflection, keep a diary, are interested in astrology or palmistry.
    • A short index finger indicates low self-esteem. Such people can hide behind the leader; it is very difficult for them to express their true feelings and thoughts. They are more often ill because they neglect their own health: smoking, alcoholism or unhealthy nutrition.
  • Middle finger called "wall"

    1 type: index finger - shorter than the ring finger

    It is on the owners of such finger sizes that testosterone is most affected.

    Distinctive features:

    • Endurance. Women with this type of fingers can have outstanding results in sports, especially in long-distance running.
    • Propensity for accurate calculations: math, solving various puzzles, folding puzzles and more. These conclusions were made as a result of research by researchers from the Norwegian University of Natural and Technical Sciences. A similar experiment was designed to study the differences between the female and male brain, during which volunteers measured the length of the fingers and gave them certain stimulants: a testosterone tablet or a placebo. It turned out that those who were less affected by testosterone (including the length of the fingers were taken into account) did a good job with basic exercises. Another category of researchers managed to solve more complex arithmetic exercises.
    • Inconsistency in choosing a partner. After studies of 575 volunteers, it turned out that exposure to testosterone affects the need for sex with different partners. Those with the index finger shorter than the ring finger were stubbornly unstable in their sexual lives.

    2 type: the index finger is approximately flush with the ring finger

    These people received less testosterone effects during fetal development.

    Distinctive features:

    • Consistency in choosing partners. According to the publication in the article “Stay or leave. About alternative phenotypes in the intimate proximity of men and women ”(the scientific journal“ Biology Letters ”), women are more prone to monogamy than men. Moreover, this is explained by the same influence of testosterone, the effects of which are more likely to be affected by representatives of the stronger sex.
    • Memory relies more on associations. If the owners of the first type have the features of restoring memories according to strict rules, then the second type of people builds a series of associations in order to remember the desired picture.
    • Exposure to the risk of anxiety and stress. According to scientific studies, the influence of more female hormones during prenatal development exposes a person to the risk of various types of disorders: anxiety, fear and stress.

    These statements have been made by researchers who specialize in the study of psychology, biology, and other similar sciences. But you can recognize the character on the fingers, as well, and familiarizing yourself with the interpretation of palmistry.

    Finger Shape and Character

    The shape of the fingers can also tell a lot about a person.

    Pointed Toes indicate the high spiritual component of their owner. If the shape of your fingertips is just that, then most likely you are a creative, active person, you have high moral principles and your own personal code of honor, which may differ from the norms accepted by society. It is likely that you are well versed in the culture of wearing rings and understand what finger the ring should be on to help you achieve what you want in life as much as possible.

    Square fingers may mean that you have developed intuition and outstanding thinking. You succeed in everything that you undertake, but you are often not sure of yourself and your strengths. If you strive for power, you understand the full responsibility of this situation and are able to competently manage people subordinate to you.

    Shovel-shaped fingertips point to a huge hard work, a high level of energy and the ability to solve problem situations. If you have such a form of fingers in your hands, then you are probably freedom-loving, true to your principles and do not allow anyone to manipulate you. Most likely, your energy is very strong, and you subconsciously always track its level.

    In addition to the shape and length of the fingers, much can be said about the nature and fate of a person's eyes: their color often determines the life path of a person from childhood. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, remember that you are unique, and do not forget to click on the buttons and

    Thumb characteristics

    Length. According to palmists, indicators of the development of intellectual abilities, self-esteem and self-confidence increase with increasing finger length. It is believed that the longer the thumb itself, the person has more pronounced leadership qualities, there is a well-defined sense of tact and even sophistication. Holders of short and thick fingers are more prone to the power of instincts than reason, they usually do not have a good sense of tact.

    Location angle. We are talking about the angle that forms at the junction of the base of the thumb and palm. Right and more angles belong to fickle people. They have an independent character, which often causes scandals due to unshared opinions. A small angle (45 degrees or less), as a rule, indicates excessive caution of a person who is difficult to make any decisions. He often obeys external circumstances. Fig. 4

    Flexibility. If the finger has the ability to turn in the opposite direction from the palm of the hand, forming a kind of arc, this means that its holder is sentimental and very romantic.

    A more direct thumb indicates the pragmatism and practicality of a person who is in no hurry to give in to feelings and acts only after balanced, well-considered decisions. It is important for such people to remain calm and constant. Their changes unsettle.

    What will the rest of the fingers tell about?

    Trying to understand reading the character on the other fingers, you should take into account their features:

    • Long fingers indicate a person’s habit of paying attention to any trifles.
    • Short fingers belong to the personality characteristic of impulsive actions.
    • Flexible, twisting to the other side, fingers speak of curiosity and even some importunity.
    • The twisted form indicates caution and, often, cowardice of a person.
    • Thick and even clumsy fingers report rudeness and selfishness in character.
    • Thickened at the very base - they will talk about the desire and desire to live in comfort and luxury. Such people often put their interests above others.
    • And fingers with outlines resembling a waist belong to a tactful personality, which, however, is characterized by manifestations of a certain disgust.
    • The middle finger is also of great importance. So, its pointed form belongs to a windy and frivolous person, and a thick square-shaped nail indicates the thoughtfulness and seriousness of its owner.
    • If the index finger is the longest on the hand, it is a proud nature, striving for authority.
    • And almost the same ring and middle fingers speak of an artistic and passionate person.
    • The same length of the ring and index fingers will tell that their owner is striving for prosperity and even fame.
    • Well, an overly developed little finger determines a person who knows how to influence the minds of other people and the abilities for any means of self-expression.

    Here they are - fingers: with a story and unsolved secrets. This proves that in life there are many things that can tell a person more than he sees the first time. It’s enough just to know a little closer the depth of your harmonious nature in order to understand: you can learn about your characteristics from various sources, including the character on the fingers of your hand.

    Palm shape

    Before a detailed analysis of the meaning hidden in the length of the fingers, we give a characteristic of the palm. It reflects the character of a person in general terms:

    1. Let's start with a wide palm of a rough shape, whose fingers are far from perfect. This type of hand is found in short-sighted people with primitive needs. Their intelligence is not sufficiently developed, their interests are monotonous and trivial. Such people are distinguished by a sedentary lifestyle and a retarded reaction.
    2. If the palm is oblong, has an elegant shape and long graceful fingers, in front of us is a person of an artistic warehouse. He is distinguished by sensuality and a penchant for high arts. Natural talents allow them to realize themselves in the field of creativity.
    3. The philosophical type of hand is elongated fingers, but the palm does not look like an oblong. Knotted fingers, shapelessness and rudeness of outlines strike the eyes. Among the owners of hands of a philosophical type there are thinkers, writers and famous musicians. This type of palm indicates a tendency to reflect on the nature of the world, on inner calm and rationalism.
    4. The square shape of the hand belongs to practical and reliable people. These are pragmatists who are distinguished by their determination and hard work. An individual with a square hand does not have a rich imagination, but as a faithful companion, he has no equal.
    5. The shovel-like type of hand is much like a square one. The wide palm tapers slightly at the base or in the area of ​​the fingers. Actually, the character of a person is not too different from representatives of the previous type. The inherent qualities are perseverance, courage and reliability.

    A square palm is a sign of a practical person

    Typology of the palm according to different elements:

    Aristocratic hands and a complex inner world

    These are hands with thin wrists, narrow palms and long flexible fingers. Such a combination of signs indicates a subtle nervous system, increased sensitivity, high intelligence and developed sexuality.

    The owners of such hands are creative individuals with well-developed intuition and exquisite taste. These include inventors, talented doctors, artists, musicians, painters. Intelligence allows them to grasp the essence of the situation, analyze and understand what it leads to. Often these are leaders.

    A man with elongated fingers (primarily the ring finger) is usually successful with the fair sex. Women are attracted by the beauty of men's hands. Behind them stretches the glory of smoothies and unfaithful husbands.

    Aristocratic type of hands

    A woman with hands of an aristocratic type, demanding of a partner and often pestering with whims. She has high self-esteem and romantic nature. A long ring finger characterizes a sensual woman who enjoys sexual diversity. She is a magnificent lover who knows how to charm a man with her intimate talents.

    Palmistry says that if the fingers are long but thin, then their holder is characterized by excessive pride and increased vulnerability. Even minor troubles unbalance. Disappointment, depression, and melancholy are his constant companions. In decision-making, such an individual constantly fluctuates and indulges in reflection. Thin long fingers may indicate a desire to subjugate others to oneself and psychological sadism, which manifests itself in the form of poisonous sarcasm.

    Effect of finger length on character and health

    If you compare the brushes of different people, you can find that the ratio of the length of the three central fingers of different people is not the same. In most cases, the forefinger and the nameless are the same in length; the middle finger is slightly longer than them. But there are people with different proportions of the brush. In some, all three central fingers are of equal length, in others the ring finger is much larger than the index, and sometimes the middle one.

    In order to learn about the temperament, character and special qualities of a person by the method of palmistry, watch the following video:

    The length of the fingers on the hands of men

    During intrauterine development, sex hormones influence the formation of the body of the unborn child. The body structure in men determines testosterone. The length of the fingers, in particular, depends on its concentration. Having studied the hand in adulthood, we can draw conclusions about the temperament and character of a man.

    Comparing the middle and index fingers, palmistry will tell you what to expect from a person in a family union. If these two fingers differ little in length, then a woman with such a man will have an even trusting relationship. It will turn out a caring and attentive spouse, ready to come to an agreement on contentious issues. On the contrary, if the fingers are different in length, then this indicates a strong influence of testosterone during the period in the womb. Therefore, such a man is more rude and will tend to suppress his spouse emotionally.

    The length of the fingers in women

    The presence of a woman's long ring fingers indicates immoderate sexual appetites. In the biography of such a lady a whole string of sexual partners, although there are exceptions to the rules. The owner of long ring fingers is not averse to having an affair with a lesbian coloring.

    A uniform distribution of the length of the fingers is characteristic of a woman who wants to have a healthy, strong family and many children.

    The length of the fingers at different ages

    Parents are interested in their children's predisposition. An analysis of hands using the palmistry method will give an idea of ​​character traits and inclinations. If we talk about the length of the fingers, then it contains the same signs that are in the hand of an adult. This is a trace of the influence of hormones during the pregnancy of the mother of the child.

    However, it is not necessary to raise the shape of the fingers to the absolute, indicating future sexual licentiousness. The character of a person is formed not only under the influence of hormones, but also depends on education, moral principles and life experience.

    Long fingers and probable diseases

    For example, elongated ring fingers are found in people who are prone to colds. As a rule, they are poorly protected from measles, rubella, chicken pox, they have a high chance of arthrosis. But heart attacks and strokes bypass such an individual.

    Unusually long fingers indicate possible diseases

    A woman with long index fingers probably has an excess of estrogen in her body. This makes her vulnerable to problems in the field of gynecology. In addition, the chances of a breast tumor are high. The presence of long index fingers in men indicates the risk of stroke and heart attack. In people of both sexes, this symptom indicates a likely allergy, pulmonary problems, and bronchial asthma.

    Of course, one cannot draw final conclusions about hidden diseases based solely on the length of the fingers. The interlocutor should talk about this in an extremely delicate manner, avoiding categoricality.

    Finger length and character

    In the arsenal of palmistry there is one simple method for analyzing the character of an individual. For comparison, the length of two fingers is taken - the index and ring fingers.

    Thus, we get three main types of personality:

    1. The index finger is shorter than the ring finger. This combination indicates a charismatic personality. Человек привлекателен в глазах окружающих, общение с ним доставляет удовольствие. У него обширный круг друзей, которые ценят его умение выслушать и дать полезный совет. Впрочем, такой индивид готов не только посочувствовать, но и принять активное участие в решении проблем.He shows an enviable determination and perseverance. Cases that are taken are successful. Personalities of the first type have a developed intellect and realize themselves in science and engineering. Reaching the goal, they do not intend to stop. They are always looking for ways to further improve themselves.
    2. The index finger is longer than the ring finger. Before us is a self-sufficient person. But unlike the first type, this person avoids a crowded society, preferring a secluded lifestyle. Possessing pride, such an individual rarely takes the first steps to establish a relationship. This applies to the personal sphere and business cooperation. To attract such a person to your project will have to take the initiative. Keep in mind that praise and attention to his person are extremely important.
    3. Equal length of index and ring fingers. This is a sign of a good-natured person with a peaceful character. Conflicts and disputes cause him discomfort. These people are able to build equal friendly relations with everyone. At the heart of the character are devotion, loyalty and deep decency. In the family, these are faithful spouses and caring fathers. At work, they are appreciated for their commitment and diligence. They are patriots of their enterprise. With all the peace, this man is ready to fend for himself. He is rarely offended, but if necessary puts the offender in his place.

    What do crooked fingers say?

    In palmistry, crooked fingers are a rare phenomenon and such a deformation is striking. What to expect from a person?

    The value of curved fingers is considered in the context of the picture, which provides the main lines in the palm of your hand. If the analysis gives a positive diagnosis, then the curvature of the fingers indicates an irritable character. The negative picture of the palm lines in conjunction with crooked fingers indicates an embittered person who hates the whole world. Perhaps there are criminal inclinations.

    When bending fingers to the outside of the palm, you can talk about an inquisitive and sociable person who has a good soul. If the fingers are curved in the direction of the inside, then we are dealing with a cautious person.

    Thin and fat fingers

    Palmistry considers the thickness of the fingers as a very important indicator for analyzing the nature of personality. And the length of the fingers is necessarily taken into account. This approach distinguishes four types of people:

    1. Thick and short fingers. This combination indicates a priority goal in life - material well-being. You can’t rely on such people, because personal profit is above all for them, and the interests of others are in last place. They can not be called professionals. They do not have deep knowledge, but in excess are endowed with patience and the ability to achieve their own. Usually people with this type of finger work in the field of commerce.
    2. Thin and short fingers. This type of hand indicates a quick mastery of skills. Inspiration is a frequent guest in his life, creation is his element. A person copes well with the role of a leader, bosses value him and subordinates respect him. Unfortunately, he is inattentive to details and overlooks the details. Such individuals realize themselves in the field of business, finance and politics. Often they open their own business in order to have material independence.
    3. Thick and long fingers. This combination is typical for a person with a high level of intelligence and extraordinary creative abilities. In any field of activity shows high results. He also has managerial talent. For him, a path is open to the heights in politics or to lead a religious movement, to make a great discovery. In a word, for him the strength is to achieve world fame.
    4. Thin and long fingers point to an attentive person who attaches great importance to detail. If the work requires precise intelligence, then such a person is simply irreplaceable. When making decisions, he relies solely on logic, intuition is poorly developed. But the inclination towards logic does not interfere with appreciating art; he himself is not averse to expressing himself in creativity. It will come out of an artist, musician or publicist. Given the meticulousness, he realizes himself as an excellent editor, design engineer or construction manager.

    Thin and long fingers - a sign of a creative personality

    Square fingers

    The owner of square fingers (they are also called knotted) has a serious approach to business and the desire for order. Such a person has a critical mindset. It is characterized by self-confidence and a desire to control others. This type of finger is found in many successful entrepreneurs and practitioners.

    Shovel-shaped fingers

    Such hands, as a rule, belong to people who are in constant motion. For them idleness is tantamount to death. They are active both in the field of mental and physical labor. Freedom and personal independence are of paramount importance to them.

    In life, they are guided by practical considerations, and not by high ideals. They can be called prudent and even selfish. Among people with shovel-shaped fingers most often come across highly skilled workers, farm owners, engineers and leaders in the industrial sector.

    A small video test about the value of the shape of the fingers:

    Finger spacing

    In palmistry, this is an important sign for analysis:

    1. If the fingers are almost adjacent to each other, then the owner of the hand is inherent in secrecy and unwillingness to stand out. In actions they rely on common sense. They are distinguished by frugality, which over the years turns into stinginess.
    2. If the fingers lag behind each other, then the person has an open character and likes to show generosity.
    3. The habit of holding the middle and forefinger tightly to each other indicates success.
    4. The absence of a gap between the middle and ring fingers indicates a person who is changeable in emotions and needs psychological support.
    5. If the little finger is far away from the remaining fingers, such a person has a wayward character, which is combined with enviable stubbornness. In disputes, a person clings to his position to the end.
    6. If the space between the little finger and the ring finger is small, then we have a person who does not care about the opinions of others. This person is completely relaxed, including with regard to generally accepted norms. Representatives of sexual minorities are not uncommon.
    7. It happens that the gap between adjacent fingers is more pronounced at the base than in the area of ​​the nails. In this case, a person is prone to antisocial behavior, such as vagrancy. And also the sign indicates the inability to carefully handle money and probable bankruptcy.

    For example, the gap between the middle and index fingers indicates independent views.

    Fingertip shape

    The fingertips also contain valuable information about the nature of the owner of the hand:

    1. Square fingertips. Belong to hard materialists. Their interests are down to earth. They are skeptical of changes, preferring stability. These are practical people who prefer to do business, rather than spend time on empty entertainment. It is for practicality and determination that they are very much appreciated.
    2. Conical fingertips. They give out a sensual personality. For such people, a rich emotional life is important. In a sense, these are idealists, but they cannot be called idlers. They can work productively, but only in a comfortable atmosphere and a benevolent environment. The holder of conical fingers appreciates “smart” entertainment: visiting exhibitions and museums, reading, self-improvement courses. Traveling is another type of favorite pastime.
    3. Pointed fingertips. A sign of sophisticated nature. In such a person, strong emotionality borders on nervousness. He is impressive, but unstable in mood. People with such fingers often experience gusts of inspiration, but rarely finish what they have begun, because they quickly cool down and become disappointed. Such individuals want to be in the spotlight and have leadership talents. If such a person occupies a leadership position, then subordinates consider his style tough, but fair.
    4. Fingertips reminiscent of drops. This form is inherent in a person with a good soul, who is always ready to help. It is about close friends and strangers. Possessing altruism and credulity, such a person rarely becomes a victim of scammers, because he has good intuition and quickly recognizes other people's intentions. Still people of this type with love for nature and animals, directing forces to improve the world.
    5. Shovel-shaped fingertips. Testify of a high level of vitality. They are constantly in search of new vivid impressions. The monotonous course of life drives into a state of longing and apathy. Monotony is so tiring for such people that it can cause them a painful state. They can work long and fruitfully, but not in an office environment. They are characterized by eccentric behavior and skepticism towards generally accepted truths. To work, it is better to choose a profession where regular business trips are supposed, or go into creativity.

    Finger joints and phalanges

    The analysis of palmistry of the finger phalanges and joints will help to complete the big picture:

    1. The upper, it is the nail, the phalanx is associated with the spiritual world, aspirations, principles, perception of reality. A narrow upper phalanx speaks of developed intuition, a wide phalanx indicates an entrepreneurial vein and material interest.
    2. The average phalanx will tell you how practical the person is. Having looked at the length of the phalanx, its thickness, you can get an idea of ​​whether the individual is able to implement plans.
    3. The lower phalanx is associated with the attitude of the individual to material values. The pronounced lower phalanx indicates a person whose interests revolve around wealth and pleasures. Of particular importance is the lower phalanx of the thumb, since it has a Venus hill at its base, which is responsible for the emotional-sensual sphere.

    Pay attention to the finger joints. Movable developed joints are a sign of a refined high mind and impeccable logic. Knotted joints indicate a person with a philosophical view of things. And smooth joints usually belong to people superficial and frivolous.

    Hand behavior

    As a rule, people do not notice that their hands are in constant motion, and these gestures are unconscious.

    The clasped hands speak about closeness of the interlocutor

    In palmistry, the exact characteristics of a person are compiled according to the behavior of the hands:

    1. If the interlocutor holds his hands behind his back or tries to hide them in any other way, such behavior indicates a person’s uncertainty. Doubt is clearly gnawing at him.
    2. If a person leads a conversation, tightly clasping his hands or crossing them on his chest, then the conversation depresses him, he tries to close himself from you. He does not intend to be open and express himself openly.
    3. It happens that the interlocutor simply does not know where to put his hands. He now and then goes over the objects lying in front of him, squeezes and unclenches his fingers, taps on the table. In this case, the person suffers from a nervous breakdown or is gripped by strong emotions that he is trying to suppress.
    4. Active gestures during the conversation testify to the genuine interest of the interlocutor in the topic under discussion and his trust in you.

    The position of the hands while walking also characterizes a person:

    1. Hands hang down freely, and fingers are slightly squeezed. Such a person can be called prudent and cautious. He has a peaceful character.
    2. If your hands hang loose while walking, this indicates credulity. And also this indicates a dislike for the rush in thoughts and actions.
    3. Hands tightly clenched into a fist speak of an aggressive personality. Such a person would not mind starting a fight.
    4. The habit of waving hands while walking forward and back says that a person is emotional and not accustomed to controlling feelings.


    Here palmistry will also tell you who you are dealing with:

    1. A man with an open honest soul, giving his hand, always holds his palm slightly turned up.
    2. A man whose palm looks down shows arrogance. In fact, it is a limited individual of a near mind.
    3. An overly intense handshake betrays a weak person who wants to seem strong and confident.
    4. A sluggish, devoid of energy shaking hands indicates a weak-willed and pampered man. He is not confident, capricious and spoiled.
    5. Another type of greeting is quick and careless. There is not a drop of soul in him, just a tribute to the ritual. Such a gesture is inherent in busy people who are indifferent to others.


    Palmistry gives an accurate description, indicating strengths and weaknesses, as well as hidden vices. Nevertheless, palmistry speaks more about predisposition than about the real state of affairs.

    Hands give a hint, and a person has the will and chooses what to do. Having found unfavorable signs, do not rush to be upset. On the contrary, an accurate knowledge of the flaws is an advantage. Now it’s clear to you what to work on.