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How to fold jeans so that they do not crinkle


It is easy to spend an impressive amount in a store on a perfect pair of jeans, but how to properly care for it later is not always clear (machine wash, do not wash, wash by hand, or even not wash at all). We have collected twelve really useful tips that will help extend the life of your favorite jeans, it does not matter if they cost 50 or 2 thousand rubles.

1. True denim lovers know that denim jeans (“raw denim”) must not be washed for six months. First they must sit on the figure, and then beautiful scuffs form on them, each person will have different ones, this is the “trick” of this model. While jeans are beautifully “not aged”, you can’t wash them.

2. No need to immediately wash jeans that are purchased at the store. The manufacturer has already washed them during production. So it’s worth sending a couple to the machine when it gets dirty.

3. It is not necessary to wash jeans if the fabric has absorbed an unpleasant odor, such as tobacco smoke. You can hang jeans in the bathroom in front of the shower (steam will refresh them), or freeze them in a plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator for two days (yes, this method really works).

4. So that the jeans do not lose brightness, you need to wash them beforehand turning inside out in cold water in a delicate mode or manually.

5. Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar during the rinse; if you wash black jeans, they will retain their color better.

6. If you use an electric dryer, then dry your jeans in the weakest mode. When the jeans become only slightly wet, hang them to dry on a rope, they will better retain their original shape.

7. Learn how to fold jeans the way they are usually folded on a store counter. Put your hand in each pocket and straighten it. You cannot fold your jeans neatly if their pockets are puffed or stick out. Take the jeans by the waist and shake them a couple of times to smooth noticeable folds. Attach one leg to the other. Fold the jeans so that the seams are outside, otherwise wrinkles may appear on them. You can fold jeans so that either front pockets or rear pockets are in contact. Fold the jeans in half or three, depending on how much space you have in your closet. If you have enough space, fold them in half and smooth them by hand. If you need to fold jeans more compactly, then fold them three times: first folding the legs in half, smoothing them, and then attaching them to the edge of the belt.

8. Denim products need to “breathe”, so do not push many pairs onto one shelf. They should lie quite freely.

9. Wash jeans twice before carrying them to shorten in the atelier. They can sit strongly during the first wash.

10. Too narrow jeans can be stretched with an iron with a steaming mode. They need to iron the jeans belt. If the jeans are small in the hips, you need to put on jeans and wet them with a shower, under the influence of water, the fabric will stretch and sit on the figure.

11. If chewing gum is stuck on the jeans, do not immediately try to tear it off. Put the jeans in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for an hour. Then scrape off the frozen chewing gum with a kitchen knife or a blunt blade.

12. If you made lapels, then before you remove the pair in the closet, it is worth straightening the legs so that there are no creases.

Why fold them at all?

If you opened this article, then you are probably interested to know how to fold jeans properly. This has the following advantages:

  • They wrinkle less. The eternal problem, which makes you clutch the iron in a hurry, can be solved precisely by successful addition,
  • Beautiful piles in the closet. A cleaned cabinet, with even stacks, causes very pleasant emotions not only in women, but also in men,

  • Speed ​​and convenience fees. If you travel frequently, picking up your suitcase becomes a bit of a routine. And what could be easier than packing a suitcase with already folded things?

The first way to fold jeans

Before putting jeans in the closet, check them for stains and dirt. If you tuck the bottom of the trousers, then be sure to bend it before laying on the shelf, otherwise at the place of the bend it will eventually form a hall. Also remove all contents from the pockets and remove the belt, if present.

Lay the jeans on a flat surface and remove all the folds with your hand. Next, roll in half, again stroking the bumps with your hand. Then fold the bottom of the jeans to the belt, then again in half.

The bottom line is to smooth out large and small folds at each stage. Not having done this, but simply folding jeans, the next day you will receive crumpled trousers with creases.

The second option is how to fold pants or jeans

It often happens that wardrobe items simply do not have enough space in the closet. And then some of them migrate, for example, to the chest of drawers. But since there is also not too much space in the dresser, we will learn how to fold jeans with the least loss of this very place.

Having completed all the procedures for preparing folding jeans described above, you can proceed with folding. To do this, lay the jeans on a straight surface and smooth out all the folds. Then fold one leg to another. And again, having leveled the surface of the trousers, begin to carefully roll them into a roll. In case your roll is not smooth or tuberous, straighten your jeans and practice again.

This technique perfectly saves space in the chest of drawers and is perfect for traveling when storage space is limited to one suitcase. Also, with tight twisting, the jeans takes on its original shape and the elongated knees of the trousers become less obvious.

How to store jeans in a closet

Opinions differ on how to properly put jeans in a closet. Since not so long ago, the so-called Japanese storage system. And now, relying on it, more and more people began to use vertical storage in their lives.

The essence of this method is convenience and practicality. Vertical jeans storage is convenient because you no longer need to pull the lowest trousers out of the pile. Instead, you just get the jeans you need from a vertically standing row. This saves time and makes life easier!

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When buying new clothes, literally on the very first day, you begin to think about how to keep her presentable appearance. If you follow certain rules of wear and care, you can avoid everyday ironing. Often, many have the question: how to fold jeans so that they do not wrinkle in the closet? There are many ways to keep clothes smooth and save space in a suitcase or wardrobe.

How to store pants in the wardrobe?

One of the best ways to store pants is considered to be hangers with a coat hanger:

  • It is necessary to clamp the legs between the two horizontal parts of the hanger, if the pants are of a classic cut.
  • If you have a lot of pairs of pants made of dense material, it is recommended to clamp the pants with special clothespins from the bottom.

Important! This method is ideal in maintaining folds on trousers. In order to eliminate the risk of creases on clothes, it is best to purchase hangers with foam rubber or some other pad.

How to fold pants?

You can fold the pants so that they do not crumple, in two proven ways:

  1. Fold your pants in half to make a rectangle. Then fold the clothes in half again and put them in the closet. So your panties will not be wrinkled for a long time.
  2. Products made of a more dense material, for example, jeans are folded as follows: two legs are stacked on top of each other, and then the product is folded into a tube. Since the item is made of rather hard material, it is very difficult to crush it.

Important! The above methods are not entirely suitable for products of a classic cut, unless you fold them and put them on the same day.

Fold the pants in a suitcase

If you are planning any trip, then the first thing you should do is pack your bags with all the necessary things. Let's look at several ways to put things and trousers, including in a suitcase so that they do not wrinkle:

  • At the bottom of the bag we put the most difficult things - shoes and books, previously wrapped in polyethylene. And in the middle we put cosmetics and all the necessary hygiene products.

Important! Ties and butterflies are most conveniently transported inside special compact boxes. Belts can be twisted and placed inside the shoe or placed on the bottom of the suitcase without twisting.

  • We fold the jeans in half (leg to leg), place them in the center of the bag, so that the lower part hangs slightly from the sides. And then carefully fold them in half.
  • Massive things - sweaters, warm cardigans, it is not recommended to fold several times. It is better to distribute them around the entire perimeter of the bag - this way you can save more space.
  • Twist underwear and nighties with rollers, fill them with empty spaces inside the suitcase.
  • If you take several pairs of jeans along with you, then lay them so that the lower part hangs from the bag, and then cover it with all the packed things. You can fix the luggage with some heavy object, putting it on top of the trousers.

Important! Insert paper between things inside the bag - this reduces the risk of wrinkling them at times. Also, remember to remove coins or keys from your jeans pockets.

An interesting way to put jeans in luggage

If the luggage includes only fabric items, in order to keep the pants smooth, it is recommended to fill them with other items from the wardrobe. Trousers should be straightened and folded in half. Put t-shirts or sweatshirts on the trouser leg and roll up the clothes with a tube, so the “filling” will fill all the voids in the jeans, and they will remain smooth.

Fold the jeans inside the closet

In order to keep the trousers flat for a long time and do not take up much space in the wardrobe, do the following:

  1. Alternate the pants with different sides when laying - so the stack will stand in the closet evenly and will not take up much space.
  2. Fold your pants in rows to make them easier to remove from your closet. In addition, other pairs from the stack will remain in place and will not be remembered.
  3. Arrange your pants in colors and patterns - it will be easier to find them in the wardrobe. You can also lay out on different shelves, depending on the fabric and style.

Important! If you are folding clothes in a store, do it in such a way that labels and buttons are visible.