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How to make a cigarette from a newspaper: tips


To begin with, we’ll figure it out - what is a cigarette and how does it differ from a cigarette?

The cigarette is made of a sleeve (filter tube), and do-it-yourself cigarettes are made from individual elements - tobacco, paper and filter.

So what is the difference between a regular cigarette and a cigarette roll?
A purchased cigarette from the Russian Federation is full of things that we won’t even talk about - you yourself know this word.

You can charge any tobacco of excellent quality with a cigarette to your personal choice.

It can be varied with different grades of paper (paper from OCB is in the lead here). Special paper made from organics does not burn abnormally fast, like cigarette paper soaked in chemistry. Accordingly, it is environmentally cleaner and significantly less harmful. Despite the small size of the self-roll, she smokes quite well. A cigarette does not need a lot of tobacco, so this option is significantly more economical. And the trump card - you made it yourself and to your taste - with your favorite tobacco, with your favorite filter and with your favorite paper!

Detailed instructions - how to make a self-roll

For the manufacture of cigarette rolls, the following components will be required:
- tobacco for cigarettes,
- a machine for making roll-ups (preferably metal from Mascotte),
- paper for cigarette rolls (better OCB or from Mascotte),
- Filters for cigarette rolls (there are 8 mm. or thin slims) with charcoal or classic,
- a blade for tobacco compaction (not necessary - you can use your hands),
- a razor sharp (for "patch" - also not necessary, but desirable).

So, suppose we already have all this.

We begin the manufacturing process.

1. Pour a portion of tobacco from the pouch (photo 1), split it and dry it for 2 to 5 minutes (the tobacco dries itself - it just lies and dries quickly). While the tobacco is "ripening" we put the machine on the table, put the spatula, filter and patch. Piglet is done like this - take the filter and cut off with a sharp razor about 3 mm. from the edge. You can do without a patch, but with it it is better - more evenly do a self-roll packing and you will not have to painfully light it up at the beginning. The fact is that the machine aligns the self-roll on the edges. If you try to make a uniform packing of tobacco, you get a cone-shaped thing. And if you stuff 2 times as much tobacco into your nose as you roll cigarettes (as experts recommend), then you are doomed to painfully smoking such a creation.

2. We set a machine in front of us (photo 2).

3. Open the lid and unfold it towards you (photo 3).

4. We put the filter on one edge (photo 4).

5. From the other end we put a patch (photo 5).

6. Load a portion of dried tobacco (photo 6).

7. We take a scapula and slightly (without enthusiasm) we compact it. This operation can be done with your hands, but the spatula will come out much more convenient and accurate (photo 7).

8. Close the machine (photo 8).

9. Expand the machine with the roller towards you and scroll the roller FOR YOURSELF one or two turns (photo 9).
Important: do not spin the roller for more than two revolutions. Optimum 1-1.5 turns.
The bottom line is that the tobacco will take on the desired shape, but it is not necessary to condense it excessively with an extra scroll.

10. We get a piece of paper (photo 10).

11. Exactly load the paper into the typewriter. Important: a strip with glue at the top and looks at you (photo 11). Just in case, here is a side view (photo 12).

12. Turn the roller FOR YOURSELF and, when the edge of the paper with the sticky layer remains visible (photo 12), wet the paper and twist the roller until the paper disappears from sight.

13. Then scroll the roller 1-2 turns (and no more!).

14. We open the machine (photo 14).

15. We get a cigarette. Its length is 70 mm. with a diameter of 8 mm. (photo 15).

16. We take a piglet out of the nose of the self-roll (photo 16).

We get a ready-made excellent self-roll (photo 17).

P.S. If you want a weaker option, then install carbon filters (photo 18).

When viewing photos on a mobile device, move the photo with movements from right to left and back.

A little more about cigarette rolls

In the days following the collapse of the USSR, the country was mired in an abyss of chaos. This was reflected in the tobacco industry. It was impossible to find cigarettes during the day with fire, and if they were sold at some retail outlets, then only at frantic prices.

What kind of tobacco for smokers smokers used at that time? It got to the point that enterprising grannies gathered "bull-calves" in the streets, that is, cigarette butts, and sold them in the corners with glasses. Well, a simple layman bought "bulls", gutted them and did a roll.

But now a new generation has grown up, which has also been touched by the hand of tobacco dependence, and some of them are unaware of how this is done. Someone, for example, decided not to smoke any rubbish, but stocked up with tissue paper in a specialty store and switched to smoking cigarettes made from the purest branded tobacco. For connoisseurs of taste, we will tell you how to make a self-roll from a newspaper with your own hands, without resorting to any tools and adhesives.

Getting started

To make a cigarette, we need a newspaper, tobacco and saliva, which is always abundant in our mouths. Specialty cigarette paper is sold in stores, but if it is not at hand, you can, as during the Great Patriotic War, get along with regular newspapers. The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. We get the tobacco, and if there is no purchase, we extract it from the butts. When the slide becomes impressive, you can proceed to the next stage.
  2. We tear off from the newspaper an even strip of such a width that it is bent along in half, it is slightly larger than the width of an ordinary cigarette. Do not forget that three millimeters of this width will still go to the bend, with which the self-roll will stick together with an overlap.
  3. It can be any length, but it is better not to spoil the lungs and not to smoke excessively long roll-ups. In addition, a long one will be more difficult to glue than a short one.
  4. We bend the strip - the basis for the self-roll - along, take its edge with three fingers (the large and the middle are located below, the index one on top) and lay the tobacco we extracted from cigarette butts along the entire length of the paper blank. We distribute it evenly so that the self-roll, firstly, is filled with quality tobacco, and, secondly, it was easier to glue. The tubercles and irregularities of the “filling” will in every way prevent this.

Filter self-roll

Many will ask themselves, but how to make a newspaper roll with a filter? So that he filters out at least a certain number of poisons. Yes, indeed, some people prefer to insert a filter in their cigarette roll. To do this, you need to gut the filter of one of the butts, removing the outer shell from it. Take the inside of the filter itself and insert it from one end of the self-roll. If the dimensions are met by standards, the filter will not even fall out. Voila! Self-roll filter is ready. Anyone interested can see the next video.

Twist the goat leg

"Goat leg" is one of the varieties of cigarette rolls that do not need to be glued. But at the same time, it is more harmful, because along with tobacco, the smoker draws in itself substances from the burning of the paper itself, which in the “goat leg” is more than in an ordinary cigarette-roll.

In the inner part of the self-roll, there remains only that edge to which we glue the upper edge of the newspaper base. In the "goat leg" overlap is much more. How to make a goat leg from a newspaper?

  1. We tear off a piece in the form of an elongated quadrangle from the newspaper.
  2. We take the right and forefinger for one of the corners and begin to roll paper around them, making a small oblong fist.
  3. To make the fist more dense, slightly extend the edge sandwiched between the fingers.
  4. We bend the resulting fist at the base of its thin part. Now the “goat leg” will not turn around, and the tobacco will not get into the mouth when puffed.
  5. We fill a wide bell to the place of bending with tobacco. The Goat Leg is ready.

We see that there is more paper in the inside of such a cigarette, which means that it carries more harm.

A few words about the harmfulness of the newspaper

Anyone who is interested in how to make a cigarette from a newspaper should first of all know about its harm. Even a cigarette with the purest tobacco can cause irreparable harm to the body. And in view of the fact that in this case an ordinary newspaper acts as a paper for cigarette rolls, the harm becomes stronger at times. Those who want to smoke clean tobacco need to either purchase a pipe or buy special paper, from which there will be no more harm than from an ordinary cigarette.

In the case of the newspaper, products from the burning of printing inks are mixed with ordinary wood resins and other poisons. In addition, today's newspapers are not made of pure wood; various polymers are added there, which also exacerbates the situation.