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Free debit cards in St. Petersburg


Thanks to many years of work with plastic products, the financial institution has accumulated extensive experience in the implementation of new technologies and programs, ensuring maximum card functionality and high security for card payments.

The procedure for processing any kind of plastic is extremely simple. It is enough to contact the bank branch and present a passport. It is important to choose the optimal type of card that will meet the expectations and needs of the client.

Terms of service, release, the possibilities of a plastic product will depend on the type selected. If the client intends to travel abroad, it is better to order the issuance of cards working on international payment systems. If the product will be used within the country, you can get an entry-level card.

The size of the annual service will depend on the proposed functionality and purpose. For example, the bank does not charge for service:

  • on cards of the payment system Maestro Momentum,
  • on pensioner cards.

For young people, as a debit option, a special card is issued with a minimum fee for the year (150 rubles).

In addition to the type of payment system used, when deciding on an issue, it is of great importance whether personal funds will be used on the account or if a credit line is required.

How to get

To issue a card, you no longer need to visit a branch of a financial institution. An application for release is made out through the online request form on the site.

The general algorithm how to get any Sberbank card is as follows:

  1. Filing an application for emission.
  2. The bank is considering the customer's appeal.
  3. Visit to the office to sign the contract.
  4. An employee of the department issues an envelope on which the main parameters of the plastic and the PIN code are applied for transactions.

The process of approval of the issue largely depends on the specific conditions of use of the card.

The exact package of documents for release can be found out when contacting the branch.

The main documents for the issue are:

  • passport,
  • Customer completed application.

If a credit card is issued, the list of documentation is supplemented by certificates of income and employment:

  • 2-personal income tax
  • certificate of employment confirmation from the employer,
  • certified copy of labor
  • other documents confirming the borrower's income.

In some cases, additional documents may be required. For example, for a Sberbank credit card you will also need a statement of income. To find out what documents are needed in a particular case, it is best to contact a bank specialist directly.

The term of plastic emission depends on whether the requested product is registered or refers to instant release. The latter receive on the day of circulation after the bank made a positive decision on the issue, and registered products will have to wait 1-2 weeks. The debugged mechanism of the credit institution allows you to get registered cards much earlier - on the third or fourth day after the application.

Reasons for denial of emission

In some cases, the bank will refuse to issue. Most often, problems arise in the following circumstances:

  • non-compliance with the parameters established for the bank by customers,
  • inaccurate information about the holder (if a person has ever applied to the bank, his information will be verified with the available information, and in addition, additional requests will be made),
  • the client has already issued many bank cards, which are considered valid (the upper restrictive bar is determined by the bank for each specific client),
  • the history of the use of other cards is checked,
  • a citizen was blacklisted by the bank's customers, so any appeal will be denied.

Turning to Sberbank again, you need to be prepared to carefully check the history of past cooperation. Therefore, in the presence of serious delinquencies, debts, other problems with the creditor, the chances of a successful emission of plastic are minimal.

What requirements does the bank put forward to customers?

Considering each application for issuing a card, a financial organization puts forward its requirements for a future client. If debit plastic is issued, it is enough for the holder to be an adult, to have a Russian passport, citizenship and registration at a specific address.

When issuing a loan option, the requirements include parameters that will allow you to confidently expect repayment of the amount borrowed from the bank:

  • citizenship of the Russian Federation (in some cases, exceptions are allowed),
  • permanent residence in the Russian Federation,
  • coming of age (for a number of programs, a loan can be taken from the age of 21),
  • working age (before reaching retirement age),
  • official work experience of a year,
  • work in last place from 3-6 months,
  • stable employment.

In general, the general parameters of a credit card holder from Sberbank coincide with the general list of other credit institutions.

Variety of plastic products

Each category of citizens, any needs and preferences are taken into account in the variety of plastic cards issued by Sberbank.

All types of plastic are divided into:

  1. Universal, suitable in most situations, with a classic, gold or platinum finish. Depending on the chosen performance, the cost of the card will vary. As a rule, universal products are suitable for working with domestic and foreign currencies, unless otherwise provided by the contract.
  2. Cards issued with the support of partner organizations, taking into account the special needs of the client. For example, a card issued by Sberbank in conjunction with Aeroflot takes into account the need for frequent flights, providing various discounts and bonuses when paying.

With active payments on a customer’s card, you may be interested in the possibility of producing premium plastic, designed for specific customer preferences. These programs are implemented individually, and issuance takes place in strictly designated branches that provide service at the Premier level.

The issue of this option is most often associated with many profitable promotions, discounts from bank partners, special rates, and other types of special services. However, it should be borne in mind that a premium card costs at least 10 thousand rubles in service per year.

Is free emission possible

The question of how much the emission and maintenance of plastic costs is one of the fundamental parameters. It is far from always that the client needs special conditions and advantages from partners of the bank and special services of the credit institution itself. In addition, the payment of 10 thousand rubles for the use of a plastic product for payments in stores may not live up to expectations if payments on the card are rare and only replenishment and withdrawal are used from all the functionality.

Moreover, many classic cards issued free of charge endow with no less functionality without the need to incur additional costs.

When considering options on how to get a free Sberbank credit card, it is recommended to pay attention to the most economical cards in this regard, supported by the Momentum system, or social cards that are issued to pensioners.

Very often, Sberbank holds a variety of promotions, allowing to issue absolutely free.

Basic Terms of Service

Determining the type of card that a potential customer of the bank is going to issue, you should separately consider the issue of working with plastic:

  1. Maestro Momentum is issued free of charge, but charges may be charged for certain services (receiving a statement for 10 transactions costs 15 rubles, while other cards provide such information for free, reissuing in case of damage, loss, forgotten PIN code is paid )
  2. Maestro "Social" involves a free release and reissue after a 3-year period of use, an early reissue costs 30 rubles.
  3. Maestro "Student" is issued free of charge with a further charge of 150 rubles per year. Re-issuance in case the PIN code is forgotten will cost 30 rubles. To receive an extract on the latest financial activities, 15 rubles are paid, which will be debited from the card account.
  4. Maestro, Visa Electron provide for a card and further service with a charge of 300 rubles. In the future, re-issuance is made without charge, and early replacement is 60 rubles. An extract on the latest actions also occurs with the collection of a similar amount - 15 rubles.
  5. Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard and similar affiliate cards require the collection of 750 rubles in the first year, for the second and subsequent - 450 rubles each. Re-issuance in connection with the expiration is free of charge, but early emission in case of loss will cost 150 rubles. Statements are issued on a paid basis.

These payments are not made by the client, if the card is issued as part of the salary project - all costs of the service are borne by the employer.

Additional features

Plastic products from Sberbank allow full use of all technologies used in the Russian banking market.

For convenient work, transfers to other persons, payments on the Internet, replenishment of the balance of the mobile, it is recommended to connect a mobile bank. The service is paid, but its cost is not comparable with the advantages that it has. With a standard issue of plastic, using a mobile bank costs only 30 rubles, removed from the card monthly. For especially thrifty, free use of a mobile bank with connection to an “economical package” is allowed.

Concerning Sberbank card products, convenient and quick payments through the Internet bank are provided in almost any field - it is enough to know the full details of the recipient. Registration in the personal account of Sberbank Online will allow you to easily pay utility bills, duties, fines. Restriction only on the amounts of operations performed.

The latest versions of plastic products are equipped with modern PayPass contactless payment technologies, which allow you to pay without touching the payment terminal.

A wide variety of credit and debit options will allow each client to choose the most suitable type of plastic.

Free debit cards in St. Petersburg in the cities: online service offers information support to anyone who plans to receive a debit card for free. This page of the site contains offers from leading Russian banks operating in St. Petersburg. Information is available around the clock, and you can familiarize yourself with it, make a choice and fill out an application without leaving your office or home computer.

With and without personalization

Today, there are two ways to get plastic, with which you can purchase goods, pay for services and withdraw cash from ATMs. It:

  • standard procedure - it takes several business days, and as a result, you will have plastic on which the holder’s name and surname are indicated,
  • instant delivery service - in 10-15 minutes you can get an unnamed plastic.

    In the vast majority of cases, there is no difference between personal and non-personal, although sometimes there are online services that impose strict requirements regarding personalization.

    How to choose a suitable option?

    Choosing a banking product that best suits your needs, experts advise you to start by familiarizing yourself with the terms of each offer. To navigate among many options easier and faster, you should use the sorting function according to various criteria, such as:

  • annual maintenance cost
  • interest accrued on the account balance,
  • the presence or absence of the CashBack service and the bonus program,
  • popularity level.

    You can rank offers by raising the most interesting options to the top of the table, where they certainly will not hide from your view.

    It is also worth paying attention to the reviews left by people who have experience in using various banking products.

    When you make the final decision, click the "Submit an Application" button. The system will automatically redirect you to the page on which the online application form is posted. Fill it out at your convenience and submit it for review.

    Free cards of Sberbank

    Sberbank issues debit and credit cards under the brands Visa, MasterCard, as well as the domestic payment system MIR. They allow the client to pay for goods in the distribution network, make online payments for purchases on the Internet, make transfers to other recipients, or withdraw cash from an ATM. The bank expects to receive a commission for its services. But among card products there are also those for which there is no fee.

    We list the debit cards of Sberbank with free service:

    • Momentum instant delivery plastic,
    • pension WORLD "Active age",
    • Sberbank cards for payroll project participants.


    Momentum Visa and Maestro MasterCard are popular among young people and the older generation. For settlements within the country, they justify the expectations of the holders: you can pay for purchases, transfer money to another account / card, withdraw cash, connect the bonus program of the bank.

    Note that attracts customers:

    • most of the bank’s services are accompanied by the word “free”. This applies to the annual service fee, initial issue and reissue for any reason, the first 2 months of using a mobile bank, SMS informing in an economy package,
    • delivery of the carrier within 20 minutes,
    • circulation period - 3 years,
    • a minimum of documents for processing a debit card,
    • loyal approach to the client when issuing a credit card. Credit carrier is issued on a mass basis and on pre-approved offers. At the same time, the bank promises a credit limit equal to classic cards: up to 300 thousand rubles. for mass cards and up to 600 thousand rubles. - for media issued under special conditions. Interest rates are respectively 27.9% and 23.9% per annum, a 50-day grace period is available.

    How will the client feel the restriction? Plastic naming, which will not allow the use of media in foreign trips, business trips. The cash withdrawal limit for debit carriers is 50 thousand rubles / day and 100 thousand rubles / month. For credit cards, the daily cashing limit is slightly higher - 150 thousand rubles.


    The MIR Social card allows the holder to effectively manage the pension account: pay for goods and services, withdraw cash, transfer money. Despite the fact that the medium is oriented to the older generation, transactions can be controlled using the mobile application Sberbank Online. The user is available contact, contactless and bank transfer.

    Benefits for a senior citizen:

    • the provision of free services - from commission to SMS-informing,
    • the term of circulation of the carrier is 5 years. Re-issuance of the term is free of charge, and in case of loss - at a reduced price of 30 rubles.,
    • accrual of income to the account balance in the amount of 3.5% per annum,
    • receiving a pension on the day of enrollment from FIU accounts.

    But the “binding” to the Russian payment system will not allow the use of the card abroad. Therefore, going on a long trip, it is recommended to arrange Visa or MasterCard media.

    Salary card from employer

    An employer company, a participant in the Sberbank salary project, prepares cardholders with a level of at least Classic / Standard. Sberbank salary cards are an indisputable advantage for the holder:

    • free service for the employee,
    • when staying in overseas trips any transactions are available,
    • guaranteed privileges of payment systems and the opportunity to participate in the bonus programs of the bank.

    The recipient of wages is considered by the bank as a reliable client and borrower, to whom a consumer loan or special credit card will be approved in the first place. conditions.

    Sberbank salary cards will be called shareware. Since bank expenses are borne by the enterprise that has concluded a contract with the bank for settlement, cash and salary services. When an employee is dismissed, the card remains valid, but the holder pays for the services to the bank independently.

    The functionality of the MIR salary card is identical, but plastic only supports payment transactions within Russia.


    View of classic media with full functionality. Issued to young people over the age of 14 with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

    The cost of service is small, is 150 rubles. annually.

    Reissue at the end of the term is free Card plastic will allow:

    • pay for purchases, pay for services,
    • on debit cards to transfer funds to another counterparty,
    • withdraw cash.

    Affiliate programs are focused on the age of the holder: for younger ones, cooperation with sellers of sports equipment, gadgets is interesting, for elders bonuses from shops, salons, bookstores are addressed. Держатели молодежной группы предпочитают индивидуальный дизайн карточных носителей.

    При достижении 21-го года держатель дебетовой карточки может претендовать на открытие кредитки «21+».

    Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, МИР классическая относятся к картам с недорогим обслуживанием. В таблице представлены цены и тарифы на услуги банка.

    НаименованиеВиза классическаяMasterCard StandardWORLD CLASSIC
    Media CurrencyRubles / dollars / eurosOnly rubles
    Annual commission for the main in the 1st year750rub / $ 25 / 25euro750 rub
    from the 2nd year450 rub / $ 15 / 15euro450 rub
    Service ExtraNot issued
    Reissue by term, receipt of a report on a card accountIs free
    Early emission due to plastic loss, PIN150 rub
    Mobile Bank2 months for free, then - 60 rubles / month.
    Checking account balance, statement15 rub
    SMS informingFree in the package "economy"

    The use of classic debit carriers for expenses is minimal.

    The bank offers to issue a credit MasterCard Standard. The usual price for annual maintenance of a mass issue card is 750 rubles. But according to the cards issued this year, Sberbank decided to provide free service throughout 2018. Subsequently, the cost will be charged according to the tariffs.

    Under what conditions does the bank issue a card

    You can open an account, get a card when meeting the requirements of the bank. For debit it is important:

    • age 18-65 years, and for youth cards - 14 years,
    • permanent or temporary registration at the place of residence,
    • if necessary - documentary evidence of the right to receive a pension, social benefits.

    Sberbank credit cards can be issued on the following conditions:

    • the presence of Russian citizenship, registration in the region where the bank’s lending branch is located,
    • permanent employment, total work experience of at least 5 years, of which 1 year - at the last place of work,
    • official sources of income.

    Sberbank requirements are quite loyal and do not differ from those put forward by other institutions.

    Ways to issue

    There are three ways to draw up Sberbank cards. Older people prefer to file a paper application when contacting a bank branch. It is convenient for bank customers registered in the Sberbank-online system to submit an application in the Personal Account of the application. For unregistered users, we recommend registration using the Internet network.

    Let’s imagine step by step how to draw up a Sberbank card online for free:

    • open the official website of Sberbank,
    • We find the menu "Choose card", which redirects to the choice of debit or credit card. We look at the opened list of carriers, systematized by privileges and bonus programs, select the required one,
    • before the user is presented a brief information regarding card plastic. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. The Bank illustratively presented the features, functions of each card, and the features of bonus programs. With a more detailed study, we will find tabs regarding the conditions of registration, the requirements of the institution to the applicant, prices and service charges. To start, you need to activate the tab "Order online" or "Issue a card",
    • A simple template opens, which is easy to fill in using tips. At the first step we indicate the last name, first name, middle name in Russian, mobile phone number, email address and click "Next",
    • at the second step, carefully enter the passport data: citizenship, place and date of birth, series and number of the passport, who issued it and when and click on the “Next” button,
    • we enter the registration information: settlement, street, house / building number, apartment. We mark the location where it’s convenient to get a card and move on,
    • at the final stage, we check the correctness of entering the data, enter the verification captcha and click "Apply".

    If the information is entered correctly, the bank notifies that the application has been accepted, and an SMS message about the readiness of the card will be sent to the indicated phone number.