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7 rules of life for French women who will teach you how to be happy


France is a beautiful country, and all because the French people are guided by traditions. Tradition is, first of all, celebrated in official and everyday life. It is very important to feel the line between officialdom and everyday life. The French are loyal to foreigners who violate their cultural norms. True, it happens that the French refuse to accept other people's cultural norm. This article discusses both options.

  1. 1 You need to understand that in order to behave like a Frenchman, you should show a tolerant attitude towards another culture. This aspect includes several components that are components of the concept of “Culture” and the interpretation of norms. As in any other culture, there is no universal definition of the concept of "norm." To simplify the situation, this article was written based on the cultural norms of Paris.

Method 1 Speech

French is a beautiful language that is perceived by the inhabitants of the whole world as the language of love. It flows smoothly from one word to another. Yes, this language is magical in every way. Of course, you will need a lot of time to compose pathos, but first you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules and regulations of the French language.

  1. 1 Learn the basics. It is extremely important to learn the basics of the language, including phrases for formal and informal communication. The French will be offended by the fact that if you try to speak with them in English. Do not forget that you should not immediately proceed to the subject of conversation. In any case, you must say "Bonjour!" or "Comment allez-vous?" A few simple phrases will also help you start a conversation, for example, "Je ne parle pas français!" or "Parlez-vous anglais?".
  2. 2 Learn greetings. Greetings are a recognized cultural preference for French culture. In England, for example, you can immediately proceed to the topic of conversation. In France, it is better to start a conversation with the usual "Hello" and "How are you?"
    • In an informal situation, it is customary to touch both cheeks with your fingers and give out a kiss sound. This gesture is traditional. People kiss regardless of gender and age. This gesture may vary by region. The gesture is followed by the informal phrase "ça va?" and the usual answer is "Oui, et toi?" (Yes, and you?)
    • In a formal situation, both men and women often shake hands. Then follows the phrase "Comment allez-vous?" (How are you?) And the answer is "Je vais bien, merci, et vous?" (I'm fine, thanks, but how are you?)
  3. 3 Add emotions. The French use a variety of oral techniques to express emotions. In English, it is customary to express feelings using intonation and tone of voice. The French frown when they shout or speak loudly in their presence (especially for strangers). Emotions can be conveyed using the tone of voice and the construction of phrases in conversation. Very often, these techniques are accompanied by certain facial expressions.

Method 2 Dining Table Rules

  1. 1 Learn the rules of dining etiquette. Meals are a very important aspect of French culture. Eating time is also of particular importance. Essential attributes of lunch are healthy food and constant communication with friends and relatives.
  2. 2 Eat what the French eat. The French eat healthy food in small portions. There are three main meals that are high in volume and consumption of healthy food. For most Frenchmen, breakfast consists of coffee (served in a bowl), an oil sandwich, yogurt and a small variety of fruits. It sometimes seems like a lot, but the French may not eat for six hours.
  3. 3 Have lunch. Lunch is the main meal in France. Children have a 2-hour break in the midst of a school day, and most companies are closed from 12 noon. For lunch in France they eat a lot of food. This meal is similar to what we call a “full meal”. For lunch, it is customary to eat a hot dish, which includes meat, vegetables and pasta, and often a small dessert. Almost all French people drink a cup of espresso after dinner.
  4. 4 Have a snack. Schools in France close at 4.30 p.m., and most students return home at 5 p.m. at this time they can eat a croissant or a sandwich with Nutella.
  5. 5 Have dinner late. As a rule, dinner in France takes place at 8 pm. Dinner consists of salad and soup (depending on the season). For dessert in France, eat yogurt, cheese or ice cream.
  6. 6 Make baguette an integral attribute of food intake. Baguette is a traditional French product. In France, do not accept to eat chopped bread, which is why baguette is used for any purpose. The most common drink is water, but most adults drink wine at lunch and dinner. In France, drinking soft drinks at dinner is considered strange.

Method 3 Appearance

The French are fashion lovers. On the streets of the city you can see children and elderly people in incredibly beautiful outfits. Style does not play a big role. Even if you are an emo, goth, preppy or other subculture, the French will always take your vision of the image and turn it into a natural and neutral look. When you choose clothes, criteria such as compatibility, elegance, neutrality and naturalness are very important.

  1. 1 Watch your appearance. Fashion and appearance are of great importance in France. Of course, this is not all, but the French believe that people should look at the highest level. Do not forget to comb and brush your teeth. Clothing in France is quite diverse. Teenagers wear emo, ready or preppy style clothes, but here subcultures are not so controversial.
  2. 2 Do not wear anything that may seem offensive, for example, T-shirts with the words "Animal friends, not valuable fur." People in France believe that your preferences and opinions should be known only to family and friends, and not to strangers.

Love yourself

The main rule of the French beauties, who, by the way, upon closer examination, do not at all correspond to the classical canons of beauty (but the abyss of charm hides, as a rule, this absolutely insignificant drawback), is to love yourself. That's all. However, the abstract formulation does not at all imply exclusively egoism, although its inhabitants of the most romantic country cannot be occupied. You are the best, simply because you are you: as you are - tired, irritated, or vice versa - happy and energetic. Admire yourself, and then others will do the same. To love yourself correctly, you need to know only a few of the simplest rules, and then you will be absolutely irresistible, even if you have never lived in Paris and did not learn the art of beauty in French from the most charming Parisians.

Do not focus on fashion

Of course, you should not completely and completely irrevocably remove fashionable trends from your life, but you need to be careful with them, even with a bit of irony. Fashion is inferior to style - you must admit that not all the outfits that appear on the pages of fashion magazines are applicable to real life, so it’s completely not worth trying to pull on yourself everything that was displayed on a particular catwalk. Think about what you would like. We have no doubt - you have a taste. But it’s precisely the French who choose their wardrobe, guided primarily by their own desires and features of the figure.

Accept yourself

Fashion changes, but beauty remains unchanged. A few years ago, at the top of the Olympus were thin girls - bulging collarbones, ribs and sharp knees were in fashion. Then they were replaced by toned-up beauties with press cubes and embossed bodies: is it really beautiful? A matter of taste. Now, women with curvaceous forms confidently beat out the leaders. You must admit, to plague yourself with strict diets, to be exhausted in the gym, or vice versa - gaining lost weight with such difficulty is simply impossible. We constantly pursue the ideal, often forgetting in this race to pay attention to our own reflection in the mirror, which, as you might have guessed, is beautiful and completely does not require significant changes, unless an easy adjustment (however, striving for perfection is never harmful, the main thing do not turn this desire into a fanatical pursuit). This is another rule of life for French women: accept yourself as you are, and those around you will see only your virtues.

Pamper yourself

As you know, a sweet woman needs. The thing is that it is precisely on the fair sex in the body that a lack of the so-called hormone of joy - endorphin, which is contained in chocolate, is constantly noted. So, if you want to be happy for no particular reason and if possible every day, a cube of dark chocolate is absolutely necessary for you. Moreover, you should not limit yourself to such insignificant joy. French women believe: refusing yourself delicious food is constantly harmful and even dangerous to health. They indulge themselves with ice cream, and cakes, and chocolate, but do not forget about the sense of proportion. By the way, the famous actress Catherine Deneuve, the personification of a French woman, teaches: a woman must follow one thing, either a figure or a face. What do you choose? It’s up to you, but for now, it’s time to go for a meal with something pleasant. In addition, if you manage to enjoy the cake before 12 days, there will be no harm to your figure.

Take care of yourself

Introduce yourself into a habit. This does not mean endless trips to the cosmetologist and beauty salons, sometimes in order to stay in shape it is enough to make moisturizing masks every few days. Surprisingly, hydration is the key to the youthfulness of your skin for many years. No special procedures will help you as any suitable nourishing cream will do for you. By the way, modern French women, despite the fact that we live in an era of developing technology, are in no hurry to resort to the help of plastic surgeons. Moreover, today it is completely not fashionable, on the contrary, the trend is those women who remain impeccable without medical intervention. In a busy schedule, leave time for yourself: relaxing baths, massage - all this will not only extend the desired youth, but also charge you with vivacity and energy for several days.

Save on purchases but don't save on yourself

The French have long been famous for their frugality. Despite the fact that many call this national line greed, this is not so. The fact is that the French, and in particular the French, are able to give preference to the right things. You will never see a Parisian coming out of a boutique with a lot of packages. Shopping rule: it’s better to buy one, very expensive thing, than a lot of cheap ones. To avoid unnecessary expenses, forget about credit cards - they create the illusion of unlimited financial reserves, take a fixed amount with you on shopping, this will help you save and give yourself the real pleasure of buying really valuable things. Remember, quality still prevails over quantity.

Rejoice at the little things

Despondency, as you know, is a sin, so it's time to stop indulging in it and look around. Learn to enjoy every moment you live, pay attention to the beauty of nature, to the city that is noisy around you, and it does not matter, in fact, Paris or Moscow. All cities are equally beautiful. Try to listen not only to strangers, but also to your desires - this is how French women teach, and then you will feel like the happiest woman on the planet.

How to behave with the French: my experience

I love budget holidays, so Paris, expensive boutiques, the charm of French Provence "does not shine for me." Fate provided a chance to meet a Frenchwoman who held seminars in a business center. She did not speak Russian well, but I do not know French very well. Our conversation came to a standstill when I turned to her no misters". It turns out the French don'tlove familiarity.

The word "you" can be spoken only to close people (to friends, family members). If you do not fall into this circle of proxies, then contact "you". Do not forget about the culture, it will save you from a fiasco.

In a company with the French - rules of conduct

Women who dream of wearing clothes from expensive boutiques, to conquer Paris, have repeatedly thought about how to marry a Frenchman. But, everything is not so simple. They have different mentality. The French are very secretive and will not be allowed into your personal space.

Therefore, remember a couple of rules that will help you not to “fall into the dirt with your face” if a Frenchman sits in the same company with you.

  • During the greetingdon't forget the wordsMadame Monsieur. Forget about this rule when you turn to your Russian interlocutor.
  • Don't be late. Time is money, Europeans live by such concepts. Therefore, come to the meeting minute to minute.
  • Do not ask the Frencha lot of extra questions. Only if the questions do not concern the sights, the Eiffel Tower, for example.
  • Etiquette at the table. At the table with the French is very difficult, a lot of appliances and etiquette here comes to the fore. Do not forget about the knife and fork and do not rush during the meal (do not take large portions).

Do not forget that you are a person, be yourself - then you can find a common language even with foreigners.