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How to become a blogger - a detailed instruction for beginners


Every year, work on the Internet is becoming more popular. It should be borne in mind that any citizen can earn on the Web, regardless of age and gender. If no one knew who bloggers were before, today many people are trying to become successful and popular in this direction.

A blogger is a person who shares useful information with others on his personal page. As a rule, each of them has its own theme and direction in which it moves, shares its thoughts and advice.

Some office employees are forced to fulfill their duties and only dream about it, the blogger is his own boss. Today, some citizens are envious of the success and popularity of others, not even realizing that they themselves can become the same popular bloggers. To start writing your own diary, you only need a great desire.

The success of a blogger depends on the traffic to his page. The more interesting the posts, the more people will actively view information and leave comments. It is from the number of visitors that your income will depend.

As soon as the page is popular, the blogger begins to earn.

There are several easy ways to generate income:

Subscriptions and premium content.

This is the most clumsy option that can bring a good profit. The main thing is to understand before your work whether your activity is worth it or not.

Placement of paid links.

This method helps to earn money at the initial stage when you have several regular subscribers. The only thing to consider is that the amounts here are small, and the payment will largely depend on the number of views.

Paid posts.

This method of earning is suitable for promoted bloggers. Companies themselves can apply for a post. This is a great way to earn tens of thousands of rubles.

Banner advertising.

This is the most commonplace method that all novice bloggers use. If you select this option, you can receive money for views or clicks on ads. This method works well, but it does not bring as much money as we would like.

Direct advertising in the video or subscription to the channel.

Such advertising today is ready to bring the most money. Before using this type of earnings, you must responsibly approach the search for an employer and carefully study the reviews.

Earn money through an affiliate program on YouTube.

The main thing is to conclude an agreement with one of the media networks that is connected to this program.

If you decide to become a blogger, you should clearly understand that this is, above all, a job that needs to be devoted to a lot of time. If you have enough time, then you can start, study, open up, and strive for your goal. The main thing is that everything needs to be done in stages.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the niche of your block. It should be taken into account that some are already so clogged that you can break into them only if you have a certain "chip" or large investments.

It is better for a novice blogger to take a closer look at narrower areas where there is not much competition, and it will be easier to find your reader. When choosing the topics of your future diary, be sure to consider your knowledge and life experience. You should write about what you are good at.

Subscribe to other interesting bloggers, like and take into account the opinions of more experienced ones.

How to become a blogger - a guide for beginners

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • RuTube,
  • Yandex Zen
  • Pinterestl
  • Vk et al.

The choice of sites is truly huge, so you should focus on daily attendance. The more people come to the service, the higher the probability of getting the desired audience, but on small platforms there is a chance to get into the TOP faster.

Pondering a topic and creating a content plan

The theme of the channel is the basis, so decide on this in advance. It’s not worth it to keep a channel about everything - you won’t be able to determine your target audience, and most of the content will not receive views. The most popular topics for girls are:

  • Fitness and sports recommendations,
  • Fashion
  • Beauty blogs,
  • Book channels
  • Cooking
  • Travel blogs (travel).

Men often opt for gaming, IT, and automotive blogs. Thus, if you make interesting publications even on a hackneyed topic, you are guaranteed to attract an interested audience that will regularly monitor your channel.

But, there are also such headings that only enter the trend, thanks to which you can occupy high positions by starting blogging right now. For example, comedians get a large number of views if they make interesting and funny videos. If you are joking well, then you will easily find your target audience

As for the content plan, this is a vital thing. Try to come up with topics a month in advance so that there are no problems with the release of material.

We make out the blog (if necessary)

The design of your blog has an important role. Not all services allow you to do personalized design, but if you have one, then try to make it as high-quality and creative as possible so that users immediately understand that you really put a lot of effort into the activity.

For example, video hosting is allowed to do design, and well-known bloggers spend quite large amounts to make a high-quality decision. But, it is not necessary to order a design from someone - you can do it yourself. Of course, you won’t be able to do everything in 10 minutes, so get ready for lengthy experiments in order to get a creative and attractive solution at the exit.

Create and publish content

This stage is the most important, since it directly depends on whether you can interest the audience or not.

To have a high income, it is necessary to prepare such material in order to cause an audience reaction. Moreover, this reaction may not always be positive. The main thing is to interest. Statistics show that even at the age of 9, bloggers can create content that will earn millions of rubles.

Do not think that it is impossible to find something new in already battered topics. It is enough to look at the problem from a different angle and do the analysis in order to present the material from a completely different perspective. To receive money for publications, you will have to issue unique and high-quality material.

To make money on the Internet without investing in this way, you will have to think carefully before you start releasing material. Do not make “raw” content - this will only scare away potential subscribers.

Going to monetization

The most difficult thing is to start monetizing, so many authors stop blogging, as it will take several months (sometimes more than six months) to see the real result.

For example, to work with YouTube, you’ll need to meet the following conditions:

  • Get at least 1000 followers
  • The number of views must exceed 4000 hours.

These two points scare away many, since not all content meets the requirements.

You can go for a trick and use aggregators, but you will have to give a percentage (from 20 to 60). Most of them have extremely loyal conditions, because it will be enough to have only 100 subscribers. Care should be taken, since monetization does not always help to become rich.

The network contains a large number of scammers who fraudulently try to obtain data and gain full access, so you should choose specialized services that are time-tested. So you are guaranteed to protect your channel from unpleasant consequences. There is a rating of aggregators, by which it is easy to determine the most optimal option.

If we talk about text blogs, then we can consider the requirements for Yandex.Zen. To reach monetization, you need to collect 7000 readings within 1 week. Only after that you will be offered to connect monetization and choose the format of cooperation.

Basically, the income of bloggers consists of how much advertising and how much is broadcast on the channel. Bloggers get direct advertising if their channel is popular. The cost of advertising of this format is much more expensive, and for one cooperation it is quite realistic to earn a monthly income.

What blogger I can become - all about free sites

We picked up useful tips for you to help you keep your own blog more informative. Following these tips, you can gradually build an audience, as well as gain a positive reputation among subscribers and other users who are interested in your channel.

Always keep feedback

Subscribers appreciate those bloggers who constantly respond to comments, and also maintain a conversation in private messages, so do not be lazy to respond to messages and express their opinion on a lot of comments. Constant contact with users will inevitably lead to an increase in the subscriber base.

Study your audience carefully

It is important to understand who you are creating content for, otherwise it will be quite difficult to select unique and interesting materials in the future. Analyze your audience on an ongoing basis to better understand exactly what you should pay more attention to.

It is important to learn how to determine not only the average age of the interested public, but also the location, as well as hobbies. So you yourself will be much more material to form, based on statistical data.

Analytics will help not only to build content correctly, but also to search for the most interested customers with whom you can jointly create advertisements. The more clearly defined CA, the easier it is to find a customer for it.

Chase quality, not quantity

Of course, the quantity can play a role in terms of the cost of advertising, as well as the accelerated development of the channel, but it is necessary, first of all, to strive for quality and do only unique things. Everyone loves to watch interesting material together with a high-quality picture on a pleasantly designed channel, so do not be lazy to work through each publication as efficiently as possible so that the user sees an expert opinion in it and wants to return to your channel.

Do not create content “through power”

Such material will frighten even you away, so if you don’t want to create, be distracted by something else. It’s not worth all your efforts to invest in creating new material if there are no ideas for it. It’s better to do other things, and in time you’ll understand whether you’re ready to continue creating new publications or not.

Everyone burns out emotionally, and this is an important stage in the life of each author. Only through this process does a clear understanding emerge of whether you are ready to devote a significant part of the time to this or whether it is better to do something else.

To prevent this from happening, try to choose a topic that you like. Thus, you will not only create high-quality material, but also develop in the area that is most pleasing to you.

Make mistakes - learn from them

Many bloggers are afraid to make mistakes - this is fundamentally wrong. Only through our own mistakes do we gain the experience that is so necessary in this business. Do not be afraid to try new things - this is the only way your creativity will develop, otherwise you can quickly lose your position and reduce earnings to a minimum.

Therefore, before answering the question of how to become a blogger, you need to decide for yourself whether you can learn from your own mistakes or better not to start.

Be natural

Do not try to play other people's roles. Be real and people will definitely notice it. The more natural you behave, the easier it will be to make new videos or texts. People are much easier to accept naturalness, because it’s hard to play a certain role for a long time, and if the lies are revealed, then there is a high probability of losing the lion's share of subscribers.

How much can you really earn on blogging?

This profession, like everyone else, has its advantages and disadvantages. Key advantages include:

  • High income,
  • The possibility of continuous development,
  • Collaboration with large companies,
  • The developed channel constantly receives all sorts of gifts and bonuses from partners.

These pluses are pushing more and more people to explore this area, but only a few reach truly outstanding results.

There are also many shortcomings. These include:

  • High competition
  • Unstable income (at the initial stage),
  • Stress (not all subscribers are loyal to your work)
  • A chance at any time to get a ban from the administration.

Based on the foregoing, earning on blogging is a personal choice for everyone, since you will have to accept all the advantages and disadvantages of such a business.

The article completely discloses the question of how to become a blogger, and also gives valuable tips to guarantee getting your target audience. Make unique content, draw up a content plan for the month ahead and go to the TOP authors.

What is the amount?

This, of course, is not all you need to know about how bloggers make money. In cooperation with advertisers there is a specificity.

If the author of the channel does not mind becoming a partner in YouTube’s video hosting, he must indicate the relevant information in a specially created menu for this. Then he will receive offers.

But what is the amount? She is not big. The author of the channel receives only a certain percentage of the funds paid by the advertiser. Let's say for each transition to his site he offers $ 1. With it, a blogger can get 30-40 cents. This is not much, but many believe that in this way YouTube encourages channel owners to create more interesting and high-quality content - to increase the number of views and, accordingly, potential advertiser customers.

PR directly

Talking about whether bloggers make money, one cannot but mention the direct advertising method. True, it is offered to owners of popular channels - those on which the number of subscribers amounts to hundreds of thousands or even millions.

The bottom line is that a blogger is promoting the advertiser's website / product / service in the video itself, briefly talking about the advantages and advantages of the offer. Then, as a rule, the phrase follows: "You can see the link to the site in the video description."

This method is effective. In this case, users begin to unconsciously interest in the advertised product, because it is promoted by a well-known blogger whom they trust.

Income of famous YouTube

On the famous website dedicated to videos, the number of registered channels in the millions. However, only a few of them have a high rating.

If you turn to the expanses of Runet, you can select several channels. Many TOPs are headed by Ivan Rudskoy with his blog called EeOneGuy (in 2017 it was renamed “Ivangai”). The guy is 21 years old, and his estimated income from the YouTube affiliate program is about $ 300,000 (17,158,500 rubles at the current rate). Almost 11.4 million people are subscribed to his channel, and the total number of views is more than 2.5 billion.

The blog of Maxim Golopolosov, the host of an entertainment show called "+100500", is also popular. It has been on YouTube for 7 years, and during this time more than 8 million people have subscribed to the main channel (there is also a second). According to statistics from the Statsheep portal, Maxim’s income for the entire existence of the channel amounted to about $ 2.6 million.

You can still give many examples, but even looking at these, you can understand why many people are interested in how to become a video blogger and make money.

Show product

There is another topic that should be noted for attention, telling about how bloggers make money on YouTube.

It happens that a product is advertised directly in the video. For example, an online store of cool things with unusual prints can order PR from one or another blogger, asking him to shoot one of the videos, being dressed in one of these t-shirts. And at the end of his video, he can say something like: “By the way, the guys from the store gave me this T-shirt (the name is indicated). If you want to look stylish, look there - I will leave the link in the description. ”

Technology stores, for example, provide cameras to bloggers who are asked to film the next issue. A very convenient method, because the audience can immediately appreciate the quality of the equipment. Beauty-blogging girls are often invited to show a master class using brand cosmetics that they want to advertise in the video. And there are many similar examples. To advertise a product, there is always a popular channel of the relevant subject.

Monetization videos

Well, the principle of the advertising method is quite clear. But you should know about other ways to increase your income if you have an idea about how to become a blogger and make money.

Дело в том, что любой человек способен монетизировать выкладываемые им ролики. Получать средства лишь за одни просмотры – это тоже реальность. Только нужно делать действительно интересный материал. Ведь ежедневно регистрируется порядка миллиона роликов и очень важно, чтобы видео в этом многообразии было замечено.

What is the price of the question? 1,000 views cost about $ 2-5. But this is if the video is aimed at English-speaking viewers. For the same number of views of a video clip designed for Russian speakers, YouTube pays an average of $ 1.5. To start receiving money, the author of the channel needs to connect monetization through one of the popular media networks (for example, through the same Google Adsense).

Joining YouTube

Now you can talk about how to become a blogger and make money. Well, this is not easy. It takes a lot to become famous on YouTube. And without fame, as it was already possible to understand, this resource cannot be dispensed with, since without it there will be no subscribers and views.

Firstly, we need a “fresh” and interesting idea. There are already tens of thousands of channels on YouTube, the owners of which shoot summer plays, reviews of films and funny videos, their opinions on various informational occasions, conduct beauty blogs, etc. It is extremely difficult to establish oneself in already developed and popular segments. Something new is needed, and for this you will have to develop an idea, having previously analyzed the modern audience, its specificity and interests. The vast majority of YouTube users are children, teens, and youth. So future content should be focused on their interests, if you want to become famous as soon as possible.

Secondly, technical equipment is needed. You need a good camera, a decent video editing program, a microphone for recording sound, a tripod, a device for proper lighting and much more. The video in all plans should be of high quality - then they will watch it.

How to advertise your channel?

At first, you have to invest in it if a potentially promising youtuber is seriously puzzled by the question of how to make money at home. A blogger can quickly reach an audience by buying ads from someone else who has already become famous on YouTube.

It is divided into several types. Some well-known bloggers can shoot for a fee a video about a channel that a person wants to advertise. Others briefly mention it in their video and leave a link under it. Someone adds a channel to the "interesting" (this is called a subbox). Some add the advertiser's playlist to the home page of their blog.

This, of course, is not cheap. But there is another option, consisting in buying advertising in the community of a famous blogger. Publications on VKontakte are available for each channel.

How to withdraw funds?

And a few words about the pleasant. More precisely about how to withdraw money from your account. To receive cash, you need an Adsense account that anyone can register. You can connect several channels to one such profile at once. In your Adsense account, you can see statistics on the funds accrued for viewing / advertising, make certain conclusions regarding the profitability of the blog.

Most importantly, through this profile you can transfer electronic money into cash. You can immediately issue a check in your name. Or transfer the available funds to an electronic wallet (in the Yandex system or WebMoney, for example), and then act in any other convenient way.

Text Blogs

Finally, it’s worth a little talk about them. The most popular platform for maintaining an online text diary is LiveJournal. There you can also make good money. A vivid example can be considered Ilya Varlamov, who began with LJ. Today he is a large and wealthy businessman - he has his own website, several projects and companies.

The principle is the same - earnings on advertising. An ad banner is placed on the blogger’s profile, and they are also paid for the number of clicks. Or they may offer to write about a product. If tens of thousands of people read it, then the result will definitely be.

Only a text blog is harder to make popular, because now more and more people prefer not to read but to watch. But if a person has an original idea and interesting unique content, then everything can work out. In the future, a successful blog "moves" to its own site, and there already a person is given more freedom in terms of partnership with advertisers and people who are ready to offer him cooperation.