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How often do I need to change lenses


Take a look at the sunglasses. What do you see? Small scratches on the lenses - an occasion to think about buying new ones.

Another good reason is their age. Even if there is no visible damage, the glasses should still be changed. Over 2-3 years of constant wearing, the lenses gradually lose their ability not to pass ultraviolet rays harmful to the eyes, which means that the products no longer fully protect the eyes from the sun.

You should always keep in mind the thought: sunglasses are not just a beautiful and fashionable accessory. They got their name not by accident: their main purpose is to protect the eye from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Old, as well as low-quality sunglasses are clearly harmful, since they only create the appearance of protection. Just dark lenses are not enough, they should have a special coating that reflects ultraviolet rays. Why is this so important? The automatic protective reaction of the eyes to bright light is the narrowing of the pupils, and behind the dark lenses the pupils dilate. In poor-quality glasses, the eyes receive even more harmful radiation than without them.

And finally, the third, no less important reason to change points is just a desire to please yourself with a cool purchase. There are two reasons to rejoice at the Point of View optics salons: from May 1 to May 12, when you buy sunglasses, you get the second as a gift!

Cornea of ​​the eye and contact lenses

When wearing contact lenses, complications often arise. They can be caused by oxy-allergic and hypoxic reactions, mechanical damage to the cornea, and infectious diseases. The main symptoms of corneal problems are lacrimation, blurred vision, photophobia, and photophobia. Sometimes even superficial damage to the cornea can lead to serious complications. Often complications arise due to a negligent attitude to the rules of storage and processing of lenses, damage to lenses, the formation of various deposits on them, violation of the lens wear regimen. Complications are also possible due to improper lens selection. There are situations that the service life is still valid, and the lenses are already causing discomfort. It is necessary to throw them out immediately, perhaps they were damaged during operation. If you wear contact lenses all the time, then set up a lens change calendar. So you will always know when to buy new lenses.

Why is replacement important?

Since this means for correcting vision, unlike glasses, has close contact with the mucous membrane of the eye, lenses require special care. First of all, hygienic care is important - the product is stored in a special case with a solution. If necessary, they should be washed with enzyme and peroxide agents. In addition, an important factor in use is to change contact lenses on time. The use of an expired product threatens to damage the lining of the eye, impaired vision and various diseases:

  • bacterial and fungal infections,
  • viral diseases
  • corneal inflammation
  • dry eyes.

Two expiration dates of contact lenses are shared. The first is the period when you need to open the blister and start using the product. The second is the service life after opening the package.

Daily lenses

One of the criteria for distinguishing lenses is their wearing time. Daily lenses are lenses that are worn only once, and are simply thrown out at the end of the day after use. In the morning, if necessary, put on new lenses. Wearing such lenses is very hygienic and requires no maintenance at all. They do not cause the effect of dry eyes, convenient to use. The only minus of daily lenses is very significant financial costs. Therefore, they are suitable for those who do not constantly wear lenses, but only occasionally wear them. Firms, as well as the names of one-day lenses: Acuvue One Day Moist, Acuvue One Day TruEye, Biotrue Oneday, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, Fresh Look One Day Color, Soflens Daily Disposable.

How often do i need a replacement?

Product service life depends on type. There are several types of product. Daily - designed for one day of operation. They are worn in the morning and thrown away in the evening, they are not suitable for continuous use. The disadvantage of this type of tool is that they are expensive. Of the pluses - such products are hygienic, as a result of which they are not as dangerous as long-term wear.

Routine replacement lenses are the most common; they have different expiration dates. Such contact lenses need to be changed regularly, the period of their service ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months. The disadvantage of this type of product is that it requires storage in a container with a special solution, which requires constant replacement. This is an additional discomfort.

Another type of contact lens is weekly wear. They do not require constant replacement and removal before bedtime. Accordingly, they need to be changed after 7 days. The lack of funds of this type in the likelihood of irritation of the cornea of ​​the eye. To avoid a side effect, it is recommended to use special drops. It is very important to monitor the expiration date of this vision correction tool. You can not use them more than the designated period. It is dangerous for the eyes - it threatens infections and injuries, and also adversely affects vision in general. The cleanliness of the container and the solution is also an important factor for the safety and health of vision.

Frequently scheduled replacement lenses

Frequently scheduled replacement lenses are operated in the daytime, and are removed and stored at night in a special container with a cleaning solution. The service life of such lenses: two to three weeks, a month or several months. It is necessarily indicated on the lens packaging. The financial costs of frequent scheduled replacement lenses are much less. Of course, for this type of lens you will need a container and a special liquid for storage and cleaning. Since the liquid in the container should be changed daily, it should be periodically bought. Routine replacement lenses are not designed to be worn during sleep. The most famous companies: Bausch Lomb, CIBA Vision,
Johnson & Johnson, Hydron, OSI.

Long Wear Lenses

Long-wearing lenses can not be removed for several days. You can sleep with them. Typically, lens life: one week. After they should be thrown away. This ensures high air permeability. There are lenses that can be worn for a month without removing. Their structure is very thin. If you are often on business trips, then long-wearing lenses will suit you perfectly. After all, you do not need to carry a container and liquid for storing lenses with you. However, these lenses can irritate the cornea of ​​the eye, so it is necessary to strictly observe the terms of wearing and use special drops for the eyes. The most famous lenses: XR Supreme, DR Basic, XR Basic, DR Comfort, Air Optix Aqua and many others.