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How to create a training schedule

The software product is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases:

The program "1C: Automated scheduling. School ”is intended for scheduling, individual trajectories and additional employment of students, taking into account the main schedule and classroom fund in schools. Flexible program settings allow you to successfully use it in institutions with a complex structure: educational complexes combining kindergartens, schools, centers of creativity and additional education of children, private schools or development centers with an individual schedule for each child.

Scheduling is a complex and time-consuming process, in which it is necessary to take into account many conditions, without allowing any conflicts. This program simplifies scheduling. Using it, you can schedule in automatic, manual and mixed modes, taking into account many restrictions and conditions.

The algorithm for automatic calculation of the schedule implemented in the program is presented by the staff of the laboratory No. 68 "Schedule Theories and Discrete Optimization" of the Institute for Problems of Management of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPU RAS). In fact, it is an algorithm for solving the popular NP-difficult problem of combinatorial optimization School timetabling.

The users of the solution "1C: Automated scheduling. School" are the head teachers of educational institutions and responsible for scheduling in institutions of additional education of children.


  • the requirements of SanPiN, Federal State Educational Standards for compiled timetables were taken into account (composition, sequence of lessons, optimal load during the day, maximum load, etc.),
  • built-in mechanisms that allow the use of "recommended" standard schedules, copy schedules of past periods,

  • create a schedule of varying complexity in automatic, manual and mixed modes,
  • keep several nets of calls,
  • Schedule without reference to the grid of calls, assigning duration for each lesson and determining an arbitrary start time,
  • print the schedule for classes, teachers and rooms, with the ability to quickly configure the displayed information.
  • copy the schedule of past periods and adjust it,
  • take into account the requirements of SanPiN and GEF on the sequence of classes, the maximum daily load, taking into account the complexity of the classes,
  • enter and take into account the complexity of subjects / classes / disciplines in points,
  • take into account the wishes and capabilities of teachers, student classes, facilities,
  • consider subgrouping,
  • create individual trajectories for groups and individual students,
  • build a schedule for 1, 2 or more shifts,
  • automatically check the schedule for errors, it’s convenient to fix them,
  • adjust the schedule with the desired frequency, compare schedules,
  • import and export data from "1C: Educational institution",
  • create a curriculum based on a ready-made template of a basic curriculum recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation,
  • make several schedules and choose the best,
  • select and carry out replacements,
  • keep records of the classroom fund of an educational organization,
  • Generate reports on the use of premises and lessons.