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8 ways to free your mind and regain control of your own life


Not only our physical body needs to be cleaned, but also the mind. What does garbage in the brain mean? Most are used to representing mountains of trash, representing an unpleasant sight that poisons our lives. So it is with garbage in our mind, although in this case it is represented by all those thoughts that appear in the head throughout the day. Naturally, all this adversely affects mental activity, so the logical question arises: how to cleanse the brain of junk?

How cleansing the mind of unnecessary trash helped Olya improve her quality of life

Olga, as is characteristic of many women, was very emotional. For this reason, she was prone to constant worries, could win herself for any trifle. Each time, returning from work, instead of rest, she set about household chores and thought a lot about what had happened during the day. Olya washed the dishes and recalled how her boss had scolded her, how she had spilled coffee on her shirt sleeve. Gradually, all these negative memories and thoughts littered the mind. Soon, both the emotional and physical condition of the girl began to deteriorate.

If it weren’t for the husband, who had noticed the wife’s change for the worse, her life would quickly go downhill. Knowing the nature and habits of Olya, the husband did not beat around the bush and decided to help his wife. He consulted with his mother-in-law and together they picked up a couple of exercises that would help put the girl’s brains in order. As you can see, the mind should not be clogged with unnecessary information, especially negative. Olga also understood this. After this incident, she promised herself that she would not allow herself to be brought back to this state.

What negatively affects mental activity?

The human mind is a unique system that can generate a large amount of information in an hour. Statistics show that in a day in our head from 60,000 to 100,000 different thoughts appear that may not be interconnected. However, most of them have something in common, all the same, negative.

It would not be so scary if subsequently these negative thoughts did not affect the state of the body. They exert special pressure on us, which does not allow us to carry out the usual things normally, to build good relationships with people. Gradually, a negative-minded person decreases productivity, the quality of life deteriorates.

Unfortunately, one negative information entails another. Soon, there is simply no room left for something cheerful and positive. And the world familiar to the eye takes on cold shades, becomes a dull and terrible place.

The brain is a flexible and insidious thing. Ready for any adventure.

How to handle this? Everything is simple - you need to cleanse the brain of excess and harmful waste to the body. However, the classical Buddhist truth says that everything we resist is only getting stronger from this struggle. Therefore, you need not fight negative thoughts and waste your energy, but work with your mind. But first you need to determine exactly what you need to cleanse the brain:

  1. Waste - by this concept the majority understands exactly what they are - unnecessary material. This is what we once used and threw away when we felt that it was useless. The key word here is uselessness. You can get rid of waste without regret.
  2. Feelings and thoughts - in a sense, they can also be called waste. Once we benefited from them, but now this time has passed, and we do not need this trash. It is especially important to throw everything negative out of your head, such as old resentments and anger. Drive it all away and never come back to these memories. By the way, this includes information that friends and acquaintances provide to us. When a person is heard, gets sympathy or advice, you should get rid of excess. Why burden yourself with other people's problems?
  3. Broken things - many of us put aside broken objects in the hope of fixing them one day. As a result, they go to the farthest shelf and lie there for a long time, taking up space. The same thing happens with thoughts. Sometimes it's hard to get rid of them. Everyone believes that the moment will come when they will come in handy again. This includes dreams, plans, you can list endlessly. If you didn’t do it right away, then you don’t really want to. Better throw away this trash and focus on the present. When the time comes, the subconscious mind will remind you of past dreams, and you can realize them.
  4. Unnecessary trash - sometimes it happens that we throw away things that at first glance seem necessary and new. The point is not even in their benefit, but in how much they take and litter space. Because of them, there is no way to free up space for new and useful data. For example, we well knew the area in which we lived. But it is time to move to another city or country. It is high time to forget the past place of residence, but the path from the house to the hairdresser is still remembered. Maybe it was once useful, but it's better to throw out the trash.

Trash in the head has a serious effect on the emotional and physical state. Only that person is happy, who is watching today, enjoys a fulfilling life. Accumulating unnecessary memories, you involuntarily strive for the past, look back at past mistakes and grievances. This lifestyle poisons the body. If you want to live happily, you should learn about ways to successfully clear your brain of unnecessary thoughts.

Methods for clearing the mind of debris

What are the ways to quickly and efficiently put the brains in their place, clear your mind of unnecessary, toxic garbage?

Spiritual practices are considered one of the most effective ways of working with the mind. They not only relax it, but also set it to work properly. To clear your mind of trash, learn to watch your thoughts from the side. Simply put - listen indifferently to your inner voice.

Get a notebook and write down your experiences in it

Perhaps now something like a girl’s diary comes to mind in which girls write down their experiences. In a way, this is it. Adults also keep diaries, not just teenagers. This method will help to carry out some version of independent psychoanalysis. A day is enough to spend about half an hour to record. Write down in a diary everything that worries your mind at the moment.

It is important not to take breaks or think about anything outside. The main task is to achieve a clean and clear flow of information. In the end, you should analyze everything recorded and filter out unnecessary information. Perhaps you can even learn something interesting about yourself and your own life.

Stop reading the news

Unfortunately, most news does not carry anything of value. On the contrary, many of them increase pessimism and spoil the mood. However, the habit of keeping abreast of all the news makes you constantly return to reading useless articles. And gossip and rumors just will not help to become better or smarter in any field.

Chasing two hares - you won’t catch a single one

Stop tackling two or even four tasks at a time. This not only reduces productivity, but also contributes to the emergence of negative thoughts. They fill the head, interfere with activity and lead astray. Do not strive to be like Guy Julius Caesar, focus on only one task. So the problem will be solved in a short time, and awareness will remain unshakable and even improve.

See reality with your senses

Simply put, try to raise consciousness to a new level at which it needs to engage the senses when thinking about information. Feel the mental activity. When performed correctly, this technique can work wonders. Reason always stands above thoughts, but feelings do not fall under its power. They belong to the unconscious. Having learned to feel thoughts, a situation, you can more effectively solve a problem. The farthest answers hidden in the depths of the subconscious will come to you with ease.

Choose your main goal and strive for it

This technique of cleansing the brain from junk is considered the most powerful of all possible. If in any situation you can focus only on the main goal, then no troubles will scare you. The fact is that such a goal is a powerful source of energy and inspiration. It can be compared with a guiding star, with which you can always find the right path.

Replace negative with positive

If unpleasant memories or thoughts begin to bother, replace them with something pleasant. Even at school in physics, teachers explained that at the same time two subjects cannot occupy the same space. This rule can be applied to the mind: it is impossible to think about two things at once. As soon as you program your thoughts for the positive, the brain will clear itself of toxic junk.

We are the main owners of our body, so to whom, no matter how we set the right program. So convince yourself that focusing on unnecessary and harmful thoughts will not lead to good. Choose yourself the best way to clean your brains, you can even try everything - in any case, they will only benefit.

Bad advice

If you want to surely clear your brain of junk, then NEVER do what is listed below:

  • Pity and severity - such emotions do not contribute to a positive attitude. Calling yourself miserable or insignificant - only that person who certainly does not seek to purify the mind can do so. On the contrary, you need to gather strength, act.
  • Pessimistic fantasies - this does not mean that you need to wear pink glasses and dream exclusively of a positive outcome. Realism is good, but do not stoop to presenting the worst options.
  • “I'll do it later” - as they say, it’s better not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The postponement of affairs every day will be increasingly moving away from the main goal.

To cleanse the brain of unnecessary debris - it is important to really want it.

Is it necessary to cleanse the brain?

So, the trash in the head is those thoughts that are not only not needed, but also take up space. They interfere with focusing on the new, oppress and adversely affect health. Do not torture yourself - get rid of them.

Now that you know how to cleanse your brain of trash and negativity, you can feel truly alive and healthy. If you want to learn something else new about improving mental performance, look at other articles on our website - there is enough material on this topic.

1. Be selective in the information you “consume”

Marketers around the world track your behavioral patterns using your personal information and exploring your online and offline habits in order to encourage you to purchase products from the companies that hired them. If you are prone to impulsive and unnecessary purchases, they have been aware of this for a long time, they even calculated the percentage of the probability of your making this or that purchase. They will besiege you with advertising until your willpower weakens. This is just a form of mind control practiced daily and hourly. Stop depending on these mega-corporations, make strong-willed and sound decisions solely in your interests.

2. Prioritize YOUR desires in terms of external and internal sustainability

When your time comes to die, you will die. Therefore, give yourself a chance to live the way you want here and now. Life is really too short to spend a lot of time figuring out and worrying about what other people think about you. If their life was all right, would they find the time and desire to talk about you and give you an assessment? It should be important for you not their opinion of you, but your opinion of yourself. So do not let other people bother you on your way! And do not let this to your fears! They do not exist to scare you. They exist only for you to learn how to overcome them.

3. Stop just wanting and take action

Do what you need to do today so that tomorrow you have the opportunity to do what you always wanted. Perhaps you think that all you have to want is an “easy and carefree life”. Alas, not quite right. You should want to live a life that you will be proud of. And this will require some work, not always easy. Life is an opportunity for growth and development. The only way for growth and development is the ability to change. The only way for change is to learn and learn. The only way to gain knowledge is through effort. The only way to make an effort is our willingness to live, work and fight life's difficulties.

4. Develop daily correct actions and habits

You are that person whom you yourself create daily. You are how you spend your days and your life. When it comes to hard work to achieve a specific goal (getting a degree, organizing a business, building relationships, creating a family, etc.), which requires time, effort and enthusiasm, be sure to ask yourself the question: “I’m ready to spend a little on it time, but daily? ”

Think about it. Ultimately, we will only achieve what we are working hard on. This is the strength of the developed daily actions and habits.

5. Change your perception from negative to positive

We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice that roses grow on thorny bushes. Do not let negative factors influence you. That negative becomes either our essence or breaks us. If you look at things from a different angle, you can see that the world is a garden, and your job is to look after the garden and grow beautiful roses. Because, in the end, the quality (or directional vector) of your perception affects the quality of your life. Train your mind to see positiveness and beauty in everything. Positive is a choice. Happiness in your life depends on the choice and direction of your perception.

6. Stop looking and expecting something “perfect”

You are imperfect, like all other people. And that is a fact. It should be so. Therefore, do not be afraid of perfection, if only because you will never become one. And do not expect others to become one. We are all imperfect creatures with our weaknesses and weaknesses, so do not focus on the weaknesses of other people in order to close our eyes to our own. In the end, you may realize that the so-called ideality (especially in relationships) is just an honest recognition of imperfection.

7. Give yourself a break

Yes, you can have your own life battles and battles: you have to overcome obstacles, take care of loved ones, solve financial problems and fight to achieve goals. Remember: a break is needed from time to time in life. Sometimes you need to take a break, and let the world continue its rotation for a short time without your presence. If you do not, you will burn yourself and burn it to the ground. Learn to periodically replenish your energy, more precisely, find your own sources of recharging: the ability to get a good night's sleep, set aside time to chat with loved ones or just have fun from the heart. Break the chaos of the routine periodically!

8. Release your past

Why are people reluctant to let go of what kills and destroys them? To let go of the past is to come to the realization that some circumstances and relationships have become just part of your story, not part of your destiny. You can even cry. To forgive. Learn a life lesson. Keep moving forward. Let your tears be only watering and nourishing the seeds of your future happiness. And remember: sometimes the most difficult thing is not to let go, but to start all over again. And this is normal. This is a new day. A new beginning. Everything always changes. This too shall pass!

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The content of the article

A person makes judgments based on the information available to him. If it is false, the conclusions will be wrong. False conclusions lead to erroneous actions, which gives negative results.

The task of man is to cleanse the consciousness of false information, learn to distinguish between falsehood and truth. In practice, this task is very complex and requires many years of hard work on oneself.

Conclusions based on unverified information

One of the main problems is the person’s habit of drawing conclusions on the basis of other people's information, not verified by him. A typical example is rumors and gossip. Having heard about unpleasant information about someone, a person can immediately and unconditionally believe in it. Or he may simply refuse to draw conclusions, since he has no confirmation of its truth. It is the second option that is correct - you cannot judge what you don’t know.

This principle is also described in the Gospel - “Do not judge, but you will not be judged” (Matt. 7.1). Не судите о том, чего не знаете, не беритесь выносить суждения – особенно тогда, когда от этого ничего не зависит. Более того, даже когда все указывает на то, что человек в чем-то провинился, не судите его. Осуждая кого-то даже в мелочах, вы берете на себя роль судьи, что неправильно.Learning not to judge, not to make judgments, you will take a powerful step in cleansing your mind.

There are people who always know what is what. They have an answer to any question, they cannot say "I don’t know." But how true is their knowledge? As a rule, this is alien, somewhere borrowed, information. People have very little knowledge gained from personal labor. The training system itself is designed so that people absorb a huge amount of other people's knowledge. It should not be argued that they are all false. But it is also impossible to accept them as an unambiguous truth.

It is always important to understand that you may be mistaken, that your judgment may be false. Therefore, avoid peremptory evaluations - remember that the truth is complex, multifaceted. What one sees as white can be black for another, and vice versa. At the same time, both can be right in their own way, within the framework of their cultural traditions.

Right thinking

As one sage said, the best way to think is not to think at all. Thinking is only the top of human consciousness, it can be compared with the excitement on the surface of the lake. In the depths - endless peace. It is this peace that constitutes the true "I" of man.

Try to watch your thoughts. There was a thought - you immediately tracked it. Another appeared - you caught her too. It is not so difficult, you just need to attach attention. There is even a stable expression - “I caught myself thinking that ...” But if you catch thoughts, then who thinks, to whom these thoughts belong?

This is how a person reveals the difference between consciousness and awareness. There is a restless thinking part, and a silent awareness. The mind always needs food for thought, while the vast majority of thoughts are absolutely empty and useless. If thinking stops, the person does not disappear, his "I" continues to exist. But the mind from the owner, who subjugated the man, becomes just a tool.

There are different practices for stopping thinking. One of the best is contemplation. Choose any small natural object - for example, stone. Contemplate it from a distance of 1.5-2 meters for two hours every day. Less time will not give the desired result. Practice should last at least a few weeks. Just look at the stone without analyzing anything. Vision may be slightly defocused. It may take you 2-3 weeks to get to the ATS - stopping internal dialogue. You immediately realize the moment of the onset of ATS; it is impossible to confuse it with anything.

Reaching ATS is relatively simple, consolidating the result is much more difficult. As a result, you will be in ATS most of the time, thinking will only be connected when it is needed. The mind will be an ideal tool, free from lies and errors, able to quickly and efficiently solve even the most complex tasks.

Instant help

If you study the tips designed to give an answer to the question of how to clear the mind, then you will notice that all the recommendations are designed for long-term. That is, it tells about what needs to be done so that bad thoughts do not appear.

But is it possible to immediately do something with negative thoughts? Yes. We must distract! Switch to another activity immediately. Go to another place, go where crowded or picturesque. Listen to music, preferably positive, but since in a bad mood it only depresses, then at least neutral. And it is better to include a movie, series or positive cartoon.

All this will contribute to a change in the real and emotional background, and help to get distracted. Unnecessary thoughts will disappear at least temporarily. And then they will either lose their significance (a person will simply return to their study with a fresh look), or they will seem less tragic. Or even a solution to the problem appears.

Situation analysis

Thinking is, in psychology, a generalized and indirect way of reflecting reality. Therefore, if you have bad thoughts, you should think: Are they really bad and unnecessary? Maybe there is a real problem under them?

If so, then you need to solve it. Running away from a problem is not an option - it will constantly remind of itself. And the focus on bad thoughts will grow stronger every day. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything possible to ensure that the source of worries disappears.

Psychologists also recommend "living" their negative thoughts. If an unpleasant situation constantly scrolls in the brain, then you need to find ways to solve it. Thinking is cognitive activity in psychology. Therefore, it is recommended to consider each negative emotion separately.

Experiencing all the negative scenarios helps to restore a good mood and minimize fear of the future.


How to clear the mind? First of all, you need to convince yourself that scrolling the same thoughts in your head will not lead to anything good. It's pointless. All obsessive images are deception or exaggeration, only more confusing consciousness.

It is best to “program” yourself for this at the moment of the best moral condition. In the morning, for example, after the gym, or after meditation.

Also, if you want to clear the mind of negativity, you must understand the following three rules:

  • It will not work to solve the problem if you constantly think about it.
  • Obsessive thoughts have no rational basis.
  • This “mental chewing gum” cannot be eliminated with the help of even more in-depth reflections and logic.

It is very important to relocate the negative and “load” into its place the awareness of all of the above.

Awareness of absurdity

And here the logic can help. How to clear the mind? You need to understand that there is no sense from obsessive thoughts. No need to scroll through the same situation in your head a thousand times. This will only lead to nervous exhaustion.

The argument that a person directs against his thoughts should be concise and intelligible. The main thing is not to get carried away, otherwise it often leads to a dispute with oneself. Moreover, in such situations, as a rule, fears and emotions take precedence over the mind and logic.

No matter how it sounds, you have to think less. The endless scrolling in the head of bad thoughts only leads to their strengthening, scaling and globalization. In other words, a person makes an elephant out of a fly.

Ignoring as a solution to the problem

They say: "Never mind the bad." And this is really great advice. Many psychologists recommend giving yourself the option to ignore obsessive thoughts, make sure you no longer think about what brings pain. And why, when it does not bring any sense?

Indeed, in fact, obsessive thoughts are a repetition of the same thing in a variety of ways. A person will not receive new information. He will not come to any decision.

So what's the point of being carried away by empty, barren thoughts? Therefore, after this awareness it is important to draw an invisible line. And after it, never again pay attention to thoughts trying to penetrate the brain.

They, of course, will be returning the first time. But what's the difference? After all, a person has already realized that they are deceiving and do not relate to actual problems. And do not be upset that thinking again prevails consciousness. You just need to treat them with indifference.

Life change

Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of bad thoughts coming through all channels of perception of information. They seem to become part of the human soul. In this case, there is only one thing left - to change the old way of life. It is difficult, but effective. Until a person gets rid of the old, he will not receive a new one.

A change in lifestyle and hobbies can turn thoughts into a completely different direction. In addition, it energizes and fills the mind with positive emotions. The negative becomes less time, and desires too. After all, when a person is happy, he does not want to waste time on the negative.

It is also recommended that you start reading books. Especially those dedicated to personal growth. Indeed, such literature always affects life, and on all its sides, without exception.

Naturally, you need to go in for sports. Exercise is what contributes to the production of endorphins, better known as hormones of happiness.


Many psychologists who give recommendations on how to clear the mind of debris recommend adding affirmations to your life. These are short phrases containing such formulas that, with constant repetition, fix the necessary attitude or image in the subconscious. For example:

  • "Everything bad ends sooner or later. And bad thoughts pass too."
  • "I can choose what I want to think about."
  • "I am responsible for my life and for my thoughts."
  • "I choose positive thinking."
  • "I can handle it."
  • "I am strong, resourceful and smart. I can solve any problem."
  • "I can handle everything that gets in my way."
  • "Negative thoughts are a test. It opens the door to opportunity."
  • "I have a clear mind and can focus on decisions."
  • "I will be calm and happy."

There are people who do not take affirmations seriously, considering this a stupid occupation. But in fact, their adoption is often the first step towards internal transformation.

What does not help

Above was a little talk about how to clear the mind of garbage. Finally, it's worth talking about the fact that it will never save a person from bad thoughts.

Here the main enemies are:

  • Strict attitude to yourself and pity. Feeling poor and miserable, or even completely insignificant, a person finally sticks up. If there is a problem that poisons life, we must fight it. And groundless thoughts are uprooted. In any case, you will need strength and energy, which will not be if you constantly feel sorry for yourself or reproach.
  • Fantasy with a negative ending. A person has already decided to do something, but suddenly his mind begins to overwhelm with various options for the development of events, and those that end in no way the best way.
  • Postponing for later. Unfortunately, the longer a person stays in the described state, the more he will move away from what he wants.

But in general, psychologists say that it will work out if this person really wants to, and also believes in himself. There was not yet such that daily labor did not help improve life. But you really need to try. It is a mistake to believe that negative thoughts exist only in the head. They are also reflected in actions and appearance.

And after a person changes himself, his life will be transformed. It is necessary to learn: only he himself decides what his story will be. The life of any person is his own choice.