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How to dress beautifully every day (for girls)


Of course, not everyone can afford branded clothes. But with a good taste, it is quite possible to make a beautiful ensemble of inexpensive things. Here are some rules on how to dress stylishly and beautifully for a girl to look irresistible.

How to dress stylish and inexpensive girl

When buying clothes, always remember that the things in your wardrobe should be combined. Do not buy clothes in the hope of using them sometime later. It is better to spend some time on basic things, and then combine them together.

A classic suit is considered indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe. It can be combined with blouses and various accessories and always look good. When buying a pencil skirt, remember that it is not combined with any blouse and shoes.

In addition, it will be nice to add a stylish handbag and accessories to the ensemble, and then it is safe to say that a chic kit has appeared in your arsenal. Combining things with each other, count everything in advance to the smallest detail, very often only one ridiculous detail in the image is able to reduce all the efforts of a woman to "no."

To dress beautifully and stylishly, it is better for a girl to purchase fewer things, but with the condition that they are ideally combined with each other than to splurge and hammer her wardrobe with a lot of clothes in different styles.

Low-quality things spoil the image

When choosing clothes, always pay close attention to their quality. No matter how confident a person is, he will not be able to hide low-quality clothes on him. Low quality is always striking!

Often low quality possess cheap things, remember this when choosing a wardrobe. However, sometimes you can afford to combine things of different price categories in your outfit. There are only a few taboos on the cost of things - it is unacceptable to save on underwear, sweaters and shoes.

Following these rules, any woman can dress stylishly, comfortably, economically and at the same time look perfect.

How to find your style in clothes

Often trying to keep up with fashion, girls find it difficult to find their style in clothes. But this is precisely what she should strive for. After all, fashion is leaving, and a sense of style will always help to be on top. Wondering how to dress fashionably, the girl wants to get a clear guide to action. But often this is simply not possible. Too much depends on individual characteristics. You can only indicate the direction, talk about fashion trends.

Even if the most famous stylist takes part in creating your image, you are unlikely to have enough money to pay for his services for every day. Having advised a couple of sets that suit your body type, he also sets the direction in which you yourself will have to move on.

Examine your figure from all sides. To dress stylishly and beautifully, a girl needs to know her strengths and not close her eyes to shortcomings. This does not stop you from loving yourself as you are, but bias can seriously harm when choosing a wardrobe.

Periodically browse glossy magazines or thematic pages on the Internet that talk about the latest trends in the fashion world. At the same time, try to distinguish between the concept of a kit for life and for the podium. Often, fashion designers create rather controversial and provocative sets in order to intentionally focus on some fashionable detail. This is what you must see. Pay attention to the color scheme.

Viewings of seasonal collections of famous brands designed for the middle class will help. It is here that you can spy interesting and real-life combinations of relevant wardrobe items. Costumes of stars should be guided if this is not a stage image and the star is really considered a recognized icon of the style, and not vice versa.

To dress stylishly and beautifully, make a basic wardrobe of things that are always relevant, outside of fashion and outside of time. It should be a larger volume from all of your things. This will not only save significantly on the purchase of new products of the season, but will also help to always remain stylish.

Focusing on your basic wardrobe, every season buy a minimum of new products that will add newness to your image and be able to demonstrate that you are aware of the latest trends, but no more. Even very wealthy people do not change their wardrobe completely every season. This is simply unrealistic, and not necessary.

A few new parts of the toilet, well combined with many things from your basic wardrobe, and well-chosen accessories will always be on the wave of fashion. And the question of how fashionably to dress a girl will be no longer relevant for you.

How to learn to dress beautifully for a girl

To be beautiful is the desire of every woman, laid down by nature and manifesting itself from early childhood. But the ability to look stylish and correct, to dress fashionably and appropriately to the environment depends on many factors, and above all, on the person’s environment, his upbringing, environment and inherent natural qualities and ability to compose the colors, shapes, textures of clothing fabrics. Today we will try to figure out how a girl should dress stylishly and beautifully.

The very concept of the word "girl" evokes a soulful romantic mood of something that has not yet been accomplished, perhaps imperfect, but touching, pure, reverent and vulnerable. The expression of the romantic image, of course, are dresses. So, each girl:

Must wear dresses. Only a dress can emphasize her femininity. Fashion designers usually offer so many styles of dresses that you can pick up for every taste and color, for any situation. A dress can be flying and flowing, strict and business, feminine and solemn, evening elegant - this is a piece of clothing that speaks and talks about the essence of its mistress (as, indeed, any wardrobe item).

Dresses are best combined with shoes or high heel boots. True, some modern models can be worn with ballet shoes. In order for the dresses to look different every day, they can be supplemented with scarves and accessories.

To dress stylishly and beautifully, the girl needs to choose the right shoes for the dresses. Any dress looks good with a heel, and stylists have recently been trying to put all women not just on the heel, but on the platform heel! They are right - it visually increases the length of the leg, but they forget that wearing such shoes is not always convenient, and sometimes just dangerous (your heart stops beating when you look at the beauties turning into ice on these incredible heels).

Shoes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, should not blindly echo fashion to the detriment of their health. In the same way, footwear that matches the tights, trousers or body color in the summer visually lengthens the foot.

For example, flesh-colored ballet flats complete with shorts or skirts look great on young girls in the warm season, black ballet flats, boots or shoes with comfortable low heels with black tights will also form a single whole.

Additions to the dress have always been properly selected accessories: ties, scarves, shawls. They can be either monophonic or color, in this case it is necessary to take into account the pattern and texture of the fabric of clothing: plain fabrics look better with printed fabrics, repeating one of the colors of the dress pattern in color, and vice versa.

Jewelry also emphasizes the image. Now large color beads and bracelets made of stone or plastic, pendants and a variety of metal necklaces, pendants and earrings are in fashion. There are so many of them on sale that the main thing is not to overdo it with the application.

To dress stylishly and beautifully, a girl should not wear precious jewelry; they can be worn in exceptional cases, for example, in a restaurant as an addition to an elegant evening dress. Jewelry should be elegant, light and discreet.

A good addition and a necessary thing in the wardrobe is a handbag. It is also selected taking into account the overall color scheme of the suit: in tone or contrasting color, fashionable bags in terms of volume, materials and shapes are in fashion. In the evening it is better to take an elegant clutch, in the afternoon - a capacious soft bag with long handles.

Even if you are lucky to find your own image, you should not exploit it mercilessly, as the monotony will quickly bore both its owner and her entourage. Dressing stylishly and beautifully does not mean the same thing. The game of contrasts looks much more interesting - either a business lady, then a girl in sneakers, or a woman - a vamp. Everyone, and especially men, will be interested, what is the next image?

You should never buy unnecessary things, just because they are fashionable or someone else has it. Each purchase must be well thought out and justified (it is imperative to foresee with what thing from the wardrobe, you can wear this shirt or blouse).

You should not wear things in which you can’t feel comfortable.

When choosing between a new blouse or a new bag, it’s worthwhile to dwell on the latter. Also, one should not forget about the importance of shoes - it is she who makes the image complete.

Oddly enough this sounds, but in the matter of how stylishly and beautifully to dress a girl, men can greatly help. Since it is they who look at the fair sex from the side and can give very valuable advice. However, it is not worthwhile to completely give your appearance to men's hands.

Follow our tips on how to dress stylishly and beautifully for a girl, and you will always be impeccable.