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How to detect pregnancy if your period is Irregular?


This article is co-written by Carrie Noriega, MD. Dr. Noriega is a certified obstetrician-gynecologist from Colorado. She graduated from the residency of the University of Missouri in Kansas City in 2005.

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For most women, the first sign of pregnancy is a delay in menstruation, however, if you have an irregular menstrual cycle, it can be difficult to find out about the delay. Learn to monitor other signs of pregnancy - they will tell you that you need to take a test and consult a doctor.

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I am also very concerned about this question. menstruation go as they please. this is terrible ((((now figs you will understand - is pregnant or not. therefore, I think to be protected OK + condom = 100 \% PREGNANCY ?!

girls with irregular periods, but among you who are afraid that they will never get pregnant with such a cycle? Do you know if you have ovulation?

check with a test. test does not fool.

Yes, it’s just to do tests; I have the same garbage, menstruation has always been irregular, as I stopped protecting I bought tests periodically, and before several days I carried a test in my bag, I thought, aah. then I’ll do it, as I remembered about him in the morning and did it, as always, just in case. who would have seen my eyes at that moment, could not believe - two strips))))))))))) I am happy! at the time of the test, the test was 4 weeks pregnant

3, every month on an ultrasound scan. The author most likely meant that the first suspicion of pregnancy is a delay in menstruation, and when they are irregular, it is difficult, I know such a problem, do you know whether this is a usual delay, or pregnancy, and with regular sexual life this month a problem arises. Of course, if sex happened once every six months, you can run away on ultrasound and then I don’t see the need, the test is much simpler and fairly reliable

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5, it seems to me superfluous if there is a condom, then there’s no need to drink OK, we were protected exclusively by a condom for 6 years and all the type is top, then we wanted a baby and stopped using them, after 3 months I found out that I was pregnant, menstruation, as I wrote above, also irregular.


Kitten, I’m afraid that I’ll never get pregnant. My cycle has also never been regular. Starting to live sexually, she was protected by OK. She got married, and after two years she stopped drinking pills. While receiving them, everything was like clockwork (but this is artificial). Now don’t understand how - for the last year in March, May, August, November and December there were, but not in the remaining months. And each time I ran with hope to the pharmacy for the test, but so far I have not seen the treasured two stripes. Not so long ago I turned to the doctor - I donated blood for hormones, I did an ultrasound - the diagnosis was polycystic ovary. They say a very common phenomenon. Years go by, you need to do something - so you want to become a mom!

Who can advise, I have a delay (4 days), but the test is negative. Yes, and it is very doubtful that I am pregnant. Sex was only 2 times after menstruation in a condom. Then someone advised to do an ultrasound. Or is it better to go to the geneticist first?

I drink OK, because I had polycystic disease, and I protect myself with a condom. I probably have a wedge. menstruation was also irregular. once a doctor told me, even before OK, that even if without a condom, there’s little chance that she would become pregnant (basal temperature did not rise above 37.1)

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Instruction manual

1. A possible sign is the metamorphosis of the nature of menstruation. Menstruation can be plentiful or, on the contrary, extremely modest. Similar disorders are also found in various gynecological diseases. To clarify the diagnosis, consult a gynecologist.

2. Nausea in the morning can be a sign of early pregnancy toxicosis or a sign of digestive system diseases. However, other signs that are not related to pregnancy are also characteristic of the digestive pathology. If you begin to be disturbed by nausea in the morning, contact your gastroenterologist to clarify the diagnosis.

3. The more possible signs of pregnancy include pigmentation of parts of the body - nipples, lines along the abdomen. This happens due to an increase in the level of melanin; later, after childbirth, such phenomena disappear independently. If there are strange spots on the body, do a pregnancy test and undergo an ultrasound of the uterine cavity.

4. The growing uterus exerts pressure on the pelvic organs, in particular the bladder; consequently, a pregnant woman often begins to experience frequent urination. Similar symptoms occur with inflammation of the urogenital organs (urethritis, cystitis) and are traditionally accompanied by pain and burning. Submit urine reviews to clarify the diagnosis.

5. Many women who are expecting a baby have a metamorphosis of taste passions. Unexpectedly, they begin to like strange combinations of products, or there is a desire to eat raw vegetables (say, potatoes or beets), meat, lime. If you have noticed such metamorphoses, do a pregnancy test.

6. The most accurate signs of pregnancy are the presence of hCG in the blood or urine and the presence of the fetus in the uterine cavity. Make a pregnancy test at home, with a suspicious result, donate blood for HCG. A positive outcome indicates either pregnancy or the presence of a hormone-producing ovarian tumor. Finally confirm the presence of the fetus is allowed on an ultrasound. Take this examination.

Are there any periods during pregnancy?

Once a month in the female body the egg ripens, ready for fertilization. If it did not happen, then it is destroyed. At this time, the uterus contracts and bleeding occurs. When pregnancy begins, the hormone progesterone begins to be produced, which prevents the uterine walls from contracting and protects the fetal egg from rejection. It is precisely the period of investigation during the onset of pregnancy that cannot be.

Why during pregnancy can go menstruation

The allocation of blood during pregnancy cannot be considered the norm. In the 1st month of pregnancy, a woman can confuse with the onset of menstruation bleeding that occurs occasionally with the introduction of a fetal egg into the walls of the uterus. However, traditionally, such discharge is more modest and begins a few days before the expected menstruation. The pathology of the onset of menstruation during pregnancy can be pathologies in the formation of the fetus, hormonal disorders in the mother's body, detachment of the fetal egg, ectopic pregnancy. Occasionally, menstruation that begins may indicate a lack of pregnancy hormone in the body, which can lead to miscarriage. In similar settings, drugs that compensate for the lack of progesterone are traditionally prescribed, and the woman continues to calmly carry the pregnancy. Another hormonal disorder due to which menstruation can occur is hyperandrogenism, but this disease can also be treated with a timely visit to a gynecologist. Rarely spotting can occur during multiple pregnancy, when one fetal egg is rejected. In the event of any kind of spotting, a woman needs an urgent Doctor consultation.

What is colpitis

Colpitis is inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. Signs such as itching, irritation, mucus secretion and intense pain are quite unpleasant things, during pregnancy their origin can be an additional test. Causes of colpitis can be caused by multiple infections of the genital tract, among them condiasis, gonorrhea, vaginal herpes, vaginitis, as well as diseases caused by protozoa.

The effect of colpitis on the fetus

The unpleasant sensations that a woman experiences during the inflammatory process in the vaginal area, of course, should not be endured. There is no doubt that colpitis needs to be treated, and the faster the treatment is done, the better. Another thing is that drugs that traditionally suppress the infection of the genital tract are contraindicated for pregnant women, from the fact that they can threaten the typical formation of the fetus. Do not think, however, that with colpitis it is allowed to reach the end of pregnancy. The fact is that the infection, even if it is not in the uterus, can have a negative effect on the coming baby. Actually, the colpitis itself truly passes away from the place of the fetus, however, it is not the disease itself that is dangerous for pregnancy, but its indirect results. So, say, a vaginal infection can go upward and infect amniotic fluid. As a result, the mother will receive unpleasant results in the form of a complicated pregnancy with the risk of an untimely birth or miscarriage. Other risks of colpitis complications are delays in the formation of the fetus, polyhydramnios, infection of the placenta and, as a consequence, fetal hypoxia, as well as an undeveloped pregnancy. There is a huge risk of fetal infection during childbirth during passage through the genital tract. Agree, the picture is rather gloomy.

Pregnant colpitis treatment

Do not despair and panic! Even during pregnancy, colpitis is necessary and, most importantly, can be cured. It is impossible to engage in self-medication in any case, at the first signs of inflammation of the mucosa, immediately consult a doctor. Be prepared for the fact that the treatment will take a little more time. Yes - the usual treatment regimen will not work here, however, a highly qualified expert will be able to choose for you such a method of treatment, one that will be effective and will not harm the unborn child.

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Why take the menstrual cycle into account?

If the usual duration of your cycle differs from the "standard" (28 days), then most likely fertilization can occur earlier or later than the 14th day of the cycle. This means that the actual gestational age may differ from that which the doctor will calculate by the date of the last menstruation.

For example: if a woman has a usual cycle duration of 35 days (and not 28), then most likely she will conceive only on the 21st day of the cycle (and not on the 14th).

The actual gestational age at the 1st week of “delay” in this case will correspond only to the 5th week of pregnancy (or the 3rd week from conception), while the 6th week will go by the date of the start of the last menstruation!

In this case, the expectant mother can remain completely calm if, according to the results of the examination, the gestational age does not coincide with the calculations made relative to the date of the last menstruation.

Our pregnancy calculator will help you calculate the gestational age from conception and the obstetric period, adjusted by the gestational age for any cycle duration.