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How to change YouTube language to Russian


The natural problem of changing the language on YouTube for the most part, bloggers are doing in a very convoluted and twisted way. The author of the site studied various videos, which suggested the following:

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Enter settings.
  3. Go to YouTube settings or Advanced options.
  4. And only at this stage to change the language on YouTube.

Why such difficulties? After all, all this is much simpler!

No need to go anywhere, go in, go out. Everything is easy and the language on YouTube changes without problems straight from the home page of a video hosting site!

How to do it in 2 clicks of the mouse? We will talk about this in the next step-by-step instruction of our site.

How to change your language in YouTube: step-by-step instructions

1. Go to the YouTube video hosting site. Moreover, you can directly follow the link:

As you can see, now the default language is set here - Russian, which we need to change, for example, to English. Getting to the step-by-step solution to the problem!

2. We go to the very bottom of the screen by scrolling the mouse wheel or moving the vertical slider of the scroll bar lower and lower until we hit the so-called "basement" of the YouTube site. Here we immediately notice the language panels!

NOTE: for those who want to go down very quickly - press the key combination “Ctrl + End”

As you can see, we are offered:

  • Change language,
  • change country
  • change the security level,
  • help.

3. Click on the first menu and get a drop-down list of all available languages, where we select "English", ie English.

After updating the page, the changes take effect, and the whole YouTube is presented in English.

At the same time, video signatures and user records do not change the language!

And finally (as a comparison), we suggest that you familiarize yourself with one of the videos, where the same simple operations are performed with great efforts. That's all.

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How to change your language on YouTube

If you set the Russian language, but notifications from the hosting come in English, then change language on youtube You can use the settings. Touch the small image in the right corner of the site (your channel’s ava) Here:

  1. Select the cog icon. You will be taken to the main settings of your channel.
  2. On the left, select "Alerts."
  3. Scroll down the page until you reach the "Language" settings. Expand the menu and select "Russian".

Also, there is no need to save anything. Now, alerts about what new videos people have posted, whose channels you subscribed to, will be sent to you in Russian by mail.

How to change your language on YouTube

Change language on YouTube maybe in two ways that you learned about above. Also, if you look closely, YouTube offers not only to change the language of settings, but also to change the country. This function is located at the very bottom of the site, immediately after the language settings. Just want to note that this setting does not affect the general information of the channel. If you put Russia here, but select English, then everything - the name of the clips, channels, menu buttons will remain in English.

Then what is this option for? Change of country allows you to see which videos are in the TOP in one place or another. For example, you are interested in what people are interested in in Spain, France and other countries. You set the desired country in the settings. YouTube selects for you the most popular videos from this place. After installation, you will see that next to the YouTube icon on the main display of the language appeared. If you have chosen Russia, then the RU icon will be next to the video hosting logo.