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A barcode is a common method for tracking goods for both inventory and sales. Barcodes are not intended to replace serial numbers by which individual units of goods are determined. By the barcode you can find out the manufacturer, type, size, style and price of the goods. For example, a barcode is applied to bottles with soft drinks, such bottles do not need serial numbers, since no one will consider individual units of this product. When scanning a barcode, the cash register records information about the manufacturer, type, size, style and price of the goods. This article will tell you how to buy a barcode.

We give you a certificate

certifying that you received the barcodes in the prescribed manner.

The initial payment is 15,000 rubles after making a one-time initial payment, you have the right to receive barcodes for all of your products, without limitation on quantity.

Annual payment going to maintain the integrity of the barcode database is 5,000 rubles, payment for the first year is already included in the initial payment.

Barcodes for new products are free of charge, subject to timely payment of annual payments

No annual payment There is no annual payment, while any additional barcodes are received through the operator at the above rates.

According to our calculations, the annual payment rate is the most profitable for most companies, however, we specially introduced both tariffication options to provide you with maximum freedom of choice

Product List to Barcode

Not only companies involved in the supply of goods can register a barcode. The development of barcodes has also been actively used in other areas - banks, post offices, tax authorities and other agencies and companies use technological barcodes by sticking appropriate stickers on accompanying, payment and other documents.

As for goods, the legislation does not provide for product restrictions for which bar codes can be ordered, therefore, they can be labeled with any goods the manufacture of which is not prohibited by the legislation of Russia.

Barcode content

There are certain requirements for bar coding, the need to comply with which is due to the fact that all encrypted information must be unified.

The structure of the entire barcode is divided into several zones:

  • GS1 prefix (3 characters),
  • manufacturer data (from 4 to 6 digits),
  • block about the product (3-5 items),
  • control number (1 digit),
  • additional information (optional availability, sometimes indicated by a ">").

Contrary to the opinion of many consumers, the hatching does not contain information about the name, quantity, weight, price and many other important characteristics of the product. All these data are indicated on the label.

There are many misconceptions among end users regarding the composition and structure of graphic markings. So, for example, the GS1 prefix does not mean the country of production at all, as many people think, but only indicates the location of the registrar. At the same time, the fact is interesting that all prefixes that begin with a two are reserved by the registrar for internal use by companies - each organization can independently program what specific values ​​will mean.

The data on the manufacturer, like the block on the product, is only a sequential serial number assigned to the Uniskan participating company and goods according to a certain algorithm. These sections do not contain any meaning. All the necessary information is issued to the user when accessing the computer database where the corresponding code of the organization or product is stored. And, finally, the control number performs a service function at all - checking the correctness of the code.

Bar coding can be carried out in different systems, but the most widespread in Russia continue to be the international system EAN 13 and domestic Russian ROS 13. Depending on the subsequent sphere of circulation of products, the code structure may contain 8, 13 or 14 characters with corresponding digital signatures.

Registration Procedure

As mentioned earlier, each code is unique, so it’s unrealistic to simply buy barcodes of goods - in each individual case, its development is required with subsequent registration and entry in a special register.

Of course, a company that decides to draw up barcodes raises many questions related to where to get them or how to get them, as well as how much this procedure costs.

For the quickest and easiest procedure, the applicant should contact the certification center "Gortest Ural" and provide the following documents:

  • Legal details and registration data of the applicant (PSRN, TIN, charter, articles of incorporation, if any),
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities,
  • List of items to be barcoded,
  • Free form product description.

After checking the documents, evaluating their completeness, adequacy and reliability, an agreement is concluded for the provision of the corresponding service. The whole procedure takes from 1 to 5 days, based on the list of positions and their number. After registration, the applicant is given a .SVG file in electronic form. The process of marking and applying line art directly to products or packaging is the competence of the applicant.


The official registrar of barcodes is the non-profit organization Uniscan, which generates and assigns them to new products. In order to draw up a barcode for their products, the applicant must satisfy two conditions: to be a member of Uniskan, as evidenced by the payment of annual fees, and to have the status of a legal entity. It would seem that everything is simple, but when trying to independently go through the procedure of registering a bar code in a special catalog, enterprises often encounter such an abundance of information and commercial offers on this topic that it is easy to get confused in all the nuances and features of its implementation.

What encoding system is better to choose, what is GS1 (GS1) and how is it interconnected with UNISCAN, where to look for a representative office and contacts of their office in Moscow, what documents are needed and how much is an annual membership, etc. - do not waste time searching for answers to all these questions - just contact the Gortest Ural certification center.

All consultations on issues of how to issue and / or how to register a new barcode can be obtained free of charge online by leaving an electronic application on the official website of the Gortest Ural certification center. You can also contact the center’s specialists by phone (consultations are free).