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How can I control the TV with my phone and tablet and what applications are needed?


Hello. Another article on Smart TV and today we will analyze one interesting application for an Android smartphone - LG TV Plus, which makes it much more convenient to control your smart LG TV using an Android smartphone. This will be especially true for TV owners, without a remote control pointer. Also, with its help, you can watch photos or videos from your smartphone on the big screen, switch channels, launch applications and much more. In a way, it’s also an alternative to a remote control pointer ....

So what do we need for this?

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Step 1. First, we’ll make some settings on the TV. Go to Settings -> Network -> LG Connect APPS:

and enable if this function has not been enabled:

Step 2 Next, install the LG TV Plus application on your smartphone, a link to the Play Market:

Step 3 We are connected to the TV, it is important that your TV and smartphone are connected to the same network:

Upon successful completion of the search, a window with a password will appear on the TV:

and in the application on your smartphone enter this code:

that's all. We connected to the TV. Next, you will be offered a small guide on how to use the program:

You can view, you can skip ... Below we will consider the main features of this program.

Now we can control our smart big screen using our smartphone.

If the LG TV Plus application does not find the TV, try turning the TV off completely, unplugging it from the wall outlet, and then try again.

What features and capabilities are available in LG TV Plus?

There are three main windows in the menu of this application:

First. This is “Management” - like a touchpad on a laptop, with which you can control your TV in the mouse mode + additional additional useful buttons (window scrolling, backward, exit, play / stop, ....):

The second one. "Air" for controlling satellite TV channels, the volume control function is also available on the same tab:

The third. TV Menu - here are the main settings of the TV - launch applications, select a source, enter settings, search, including on the Internet, through a browser:

And the fourth. With this application on Android - you can display a picture from the phone to the TV and view your photos, videos or listen to music on the big screen. To do this, click on the icon - three horizontal lines in the upper left corner:

And select "Content on ...":

Next, select the necessary media files - it is worth noting that you must first select all the files you want to see and click on the button with three vertical dots in the upper right corner:

and then click the "Play" button:

Very handy feature. You can view your photos or videos from the rest without unnecessary body movements, or even run a movie from your phone ... I liked this option.

And indeed, in general, a very, very convenient application. Highly recommend! This will greatly facilitate the management of your LG Smart TV. Comfort and speed will increase significantly.

Setting up this whole thing takes minutes. Everything is extremely simple - everything is intuitively clear, you can figure it out in a matter of minutes. So I don’t see much point in painting each button, I’m sure you yourself will figure it out without any problems. If you have questions - write - I will try to help.

What do you need to control the TV from a mobile phone?

Fortunately, the days are gone when a simple task on devices had to be done with a bunch of dances with a tambourine. Manufacturers of equipment today are trying to make the operation of their products as convenient and simple as possible. You no longer have to study the forums in an attempt to find how to get the phone to replace a conventional remote control there. We need the very minimum: a modern smartphone and TV, as well as software. Everything.

It is clear that all this will not work thanks to the air, although, if you look from the point of view of the average user, then this is approximately what happens. We, as advanced users, understand that to connect a mobile phone and a TV, we need some kind of technology.

Wi-Fi connection

The most common, despite the emergence of new ones, remains Wi - Fi. Manufacturers install the wireless interface in everything that is possible. Therefore, a modern TV in most cases does not remain deprived, I am already silent about smartphones, even the cheapest. As a rule, only TVs with Smart TV, a kind of operating system that turns it into a more functional device, support Wi - Fi. That is, it will not be possible to implement control of an old TV with a kinescope via Wi-Fi without additional devices. Which ones?

Smart consoles on Android come to the rescue, which have the capabilities of a small computer or tablet. And now, you already have Wi - Fi. True, you can only control the TV Box interface - you won’t be able to switch channels.

Xiaomi with IR port controls old TVs

Interesting solutions are offered by the notorious Xiaomi company, which is famous for its inexpensive high-quality smartphones with productive hardware and other chips. Chinese developers, namely they are engaged in the production of these mobile devices, decided that a modern gadget can not do without an infrared port. These are the same sensors that have been installed for decades in TV remote controls.

So, most Xiaomi smartphones, which got an infrared port, can easily control TVs, and even older ones, which can only dream of Wi-Fi. Moreover, they can also control other equipment: air conditioners, projectors, etc. Therefore, if your TV was delayed from the beginning of the 00s, and the remote control has long been lost, you can buy a Xiaomi phone, extending its life.

As for the software, there is nothing complicated either. Do not think that you will have to connect the TV to the computer, starting some programming environment. Everything is elementary: download the application on a smartphone (for Android operating systems on the Play Market, iOS - the App Store), pair the mobile phone and the TV, set everything up for ourselves, enjoy the work done.

To get started, you can look for official applications for a particular TV. Bought a model from LG, look for information on the manufacturer's website. TV from a little-known company, then we are looking for universal applications, in the names of which there is something like Remote Control or Remote TV. We will talk about universal applications below.

If you decide that you do not want to depend on Wi-Fi, and purchased a smartphone from Xiaomi with an infrared port, then you don’t have to do any additional actions at all. For the user, the manufacturer has already done everything. The smartphone must have the Mi Remote app installed. It is quite convenient and easy to learn. We go in, mate with the desired TV and you can forget about the control panel.

Which application to choose?

So, now you know what it takes to control the TV through a smartphone or tablet. Next, I suggest you consider popular applications, and then we will go directly to the connection process. And we will analyze applications mainly for Android devices, because there are a lot of universal utilities that are suitable for any equipment, and branded ones in bulk. In addition, most of them are available for iOS.

And we will start with the branded applications that the company offers, releasing a line of TVs. Of course, only fairly large manufacturers who are able to allocate money for the development and support of the program can boast of such support. Of these, we immediately recall Samsung or LG. And yes, they provide their users with proprietary TV control utilities.

Control LG Smart TV from a mobile phone

First in line we have LG TVs. The company has been engaged in their production for a long time, it develops many modern inexpensive solutions that occupy a significant market share. It is not surprising that they were one of the first to release an application for controlling TVs from a smartphone, and not one. For models that were presented before 2011, LG TV Remote 2011 utility is presented. For newer solutions, another application was developed - LG TV Remote.

Applications are quite convenient, simple and functional. When you turn it on for the first time, you need to pair it, for which you need to enter a confirmation code on your phone or tablet that appears on the TV screen. Then we can start using it. Applications allow you to broadcast the image from the phone screen to the TV, manage programs and games, browse the Internet. Utilities are free, they quickly find a TV. Updated versions can work with other LG equipment, such as an audio system.

Application for Samsung Smart TV

The South Korean company, being one of the most famous in the world, simply could not help but release for its customers an application that will allow you to control the TV from a smartphone or tablet on Android. Under the name Samsung SmartView, it offers a fairly convenient and simple utility. Its main “trick” is the ability to broadcast the image from the phone to the TV, and the other way. So, you can watch your favorite program while in another room.

Another interesting feature is the support of the gyroscope, which allows you to control games on the TV screen using a smartphone. Interesting, isn't it? That's just Samsung was not able to develop its offspring, which received a lot of negative reviews in the Play Market. Users refer to a bunch of errors and the impossibility of pairing, so many prefer third-party remotes.

Applications for Sony and Philips TVs

Finally, a few words about the programs for controlling TVs Sony and Philips. In general, they are not very different from the options discussed above, just manufacturers added a little of their own. For Sony, the Video & TV SideView: Remote app is available. Quite interesting, but with their problems that users note.

Able to switch channels, adjust the volume and perform other functions inherent in the remote control. In addition, right in the application you can watch a TV program, and the system will compile lists of recommended programs. Even more interesting is the “chip” with the ability to control the TV via a smart watch from Sony. Of course, the functions are somewhat truncated, but it looks quite unusual.

Philips MyRemote is the Philips utility of the same name. All the same, but the program is littered with advertising, which many users complain about. It supports almost all the manufacturer’s Smart TVs, it’s quite easy to use, but pairing takes a long time.

Universal programs

Not all televisions from the companies presented above, and not all users are satisfied with the proprietary utility. Therefore, universal applications that are supported by most Android devices, as well as many equipment, are relevant. To date, a huge number of both good and not very good programs have been presented. We have selected a list of the most popular and high-quality.

SURE Universal Remote

So, the app with the telling name SURE Universal Remote got good grades and reviews:

  • Simple and convenient implementation,
  • quick pairing
  • work even with very old TVs.

I am glad that the utility supports both Wi-Fi connection and control using an IR sensor. It is possible to stream photos and videos from a phone or tablet to a TV, supports SURE Universal Remote and works with air conditioners and projectors. Of the minuses, let’s highlight annoying advertising, which is the price for free distribution.

But the developer Vsray Technology offers the application "TV remote" for tablets and smartphones. Yes, the name is simple, but the utility bypasses many competitors in terms of functionality. It stands out for its interesting interface, which is stylized as a conventional remote control, apparently, hence the name. The developer declares support for more than 220,000 devices, and the “TV remote” itself is available free of charge. True, the utility works only in conjunction with the infrared port, and is also simply overwhelmed with advertising.

Smart IR remote

Finally, another interesting program for controlling the TV through a smartphone or tablet is smart IR remote. She does not have as many downloads as the ones presented above, but many users in the thematic discussions mark this utility. Of the merits, she is credited with the most successful interface, regular updates, a wide base of supported devices, and convenience. smart IR remote is available for download on smartphones and tablets for free.

I think that will be enough. Already from our list you can choose the application you like, and if not, then no one forbids you to try other solutions, of which there are plenty in the Play Market, and almost all are available for free (only advertising is boring). Go ahead.

Instruction: How to connect a phone / tablet to a TV

Well, now you are familiar with the theory, we turn to practice. To get started on phones with an infrared port. Everything is simple here. Download (if not) the application, send the smartphone with the transmitter to the TV so that the devices detect each other, pair. All you can fully use the virtual remote.

The situation with Wi-Fi connection is a bit more complicated. We can make a connection in two ways: directly or through a router.

  1. In the first case, it is necessary that both devices (both a TV and a smartphone (or tablet)) support Wi-Fi Direct. The technology is very common, so it is present in many modern devices.
  2. The second method allows you to do without Wi-Fi Direct by connecting the TV and phone to the same network. By the way, the TV can be connected to the router with a wire (Ethernet), which is often resorted to by users to provide a higher and more stable connection speed. It’s just that the commands will be sent wirelessly from the smartphone to the router, and from it through the wire to the TV. I think you will have no problems connecting to the same network.

It remains only to install the application, selecting your favorite from the list compiled by us, or download it from the Play Market. As a rule, utilities are easy to manage, even if they have only English.

To pair the two devices, you need to enter a pin code in the application, which, after a connection request, will appear on the TV screen.

By default, you can immediately start using the main functions of the remote control: switch channels, adjust the sound, etc. Having rummaged for some time in the settings, you can optimize applications for personal requests.

Wake-on-LAN - without it, the TV does not turn on

We cannot but mention the problem that many users who want to control the TV through the phone face. No, this is not an ad crawling from all sides. Getting rid of it is quite simple: we get a premium version of the utility. I want to tell you about such a feature as Wake-On-LAN.

This function, if present on the device, allows it to be enabled by sending data packets via the local network (in our case, the Wi-Fi wireless interface). That is, if the TV does not have Wake-On-LAN, you simply do not turn it on through the application, you still have to look for the remote control and the power button.

In the on state, all other commands are available, including shutdown. Therefore, if you want your TV to be able to turn on from a command from a smartphone, then look in the Wake-On-LAN specification. By the way, this technology will be useful if the Smart Home system is implemented in a home.

Application features

It will not be out of place to tell you what the utilities that we talked about today can do. Firstly, after pairing, an interface is available, stylized as a conventional control panel. That is, we have a set of buttons for switching channels, navigation keys for adjusting the sound, as well as a power button. Naturally, all of them can be made in a different style, form, as the developer already wanted. But here the main thing is to choose not for beauty, but for convenience and efficiency.

Often applications have additional features, and a lot. The first thing to note is the mouse and keyboard modes. The first, in fact, is a kind of touchpad, the role of which is the screen of a phone or tablet. Swipe your finger, choosing the options you need.

Keyboard mode allows you to search for the necessary information, write messages to friends. In addition to them, developers are increasingly adding gamepad emulators to such utilities, which make the game process more convenient.

Phone screen duplication

No less interesting is the ability to broadcast the image from the phone screen to the TV. It’s easy to send family photos to the big screen to enjoy viewing. You can broadcast videos, movies without bothering to download, and you can turn on music in this way.

Some applications allow, on the contrary, to broadcast content from the TV screen to a tablet or phone. Довольно полезная функция, с помощью которой можно смотреть любимую передачу, находясь на кухне или другой комнате.


Если вы обожаете передачи по ТВ, то вам обязательно нужна телепрограмма. Не очень удобно постоянно искать ее в Интернете, поэтому разработчики добавляют их прямо в приложения для управления телевизором. Теперь у вас будет всегда под рукой список передач на ближайшие недели. Кроме того, система умеет определять, что вы любите смотреть больше всего. Футбол – ваша слабость? Пожалуйста, приложение будет уведомлять вас о ближайших матчах. Предпочитаете кулинарные шоу? Получите целый список.

Almost all management utilities have a separate menu with various applications that can be run on a TV. This may include a browser, programs for watching TV online, and any games.

Smart watch as a remote

Finally, I would like to note the ability to control TV through a smart watch, which I mentioned a little higher. Among Android devices, this function is quite functional on Sony's SmartWatch. A watch paired with a smartphone has a minimal set of commands, but you can definitely switch or add a channel. This method is convenient in that the smart watch is almost always at hand, or rather on it. In the near future, such an opportunity is simply obliged to appear on all SmartWatch.

Advantages of controlling the TV from the phone

The remote control is such a thing that is constantly lost somewhere. He may fall over the pillow; he is not avoided by small children. A smartphone is always at hand, and finding it in case of loss is not difficult - just call the number. In the age of technology, when the phone accompanies us everywhere, it’s easier to open the TV control application than to get up from the couch and go behind the remote control to the other side of the room. And more recently, to switch the channel had to go to the TV.

Not a single device is insured against breakdowns, including IR remote controls. Dropped it, everything, your modern TV becomes "uncontrollable." After all, most models today do not have any mechanical buttons, in addition to power. And here is able to help out a phone with a virtual remote.

Modern remotes, of course, differ from those that were introduced about 15 years ago. They have become more functional, more beautiful, more convenient, endowed with additional features. And yet they still remain infrared remotes that are best able to switch channels. But modern TVs can not only broadcast TV programs. The new models that received Smart TV allow you to browse the Internet, play, but this is poorly implemented on the remote control. Another thing is smartphones that have special sensors, and many applications for controlling a TV as a supplement often get gamepad emulators.

And the application allows you to control many other equipment that supports remotes. Your smartphone will be subject to air conditioning and many other devices. You can even control TVs in shops and cafes, but we do not recommend this to you.

Technology does not stand still. The phone, which recently was only a means of communication, today combines a whole range of possibilities. Internet access, cameras, thousands of games, and today you learned that a modern smartphone can be turned into a good remote control for controlling a TV. We hope the article will help to understand the basics of connecting, eliminating the attachment to a traditional infrared remote control.

We connect a smartphone with a TV

So, we first need your phone and TV to be connected to the same network. Or we will use technology “Wi-Fi Direct”. Let's go in order.

If you have an installed and configured Wi-Fi router, then this is very good. Your smartphone is probably already connected to it via Wi-Fi. Then, it remains only to connect another TV to this same network. You can do this via Wi-Fi (there is a detailed instruction on this -primere-lg-32ln575u /), or by cable from the router.

So, the TV and the phone should be connected to the same network.

If you do not have a network (router) at home

In this case, you can connect the mobile device to the TV using the “Direct” technology. This technology allows you to directly connect devices.

Setting up LG TV Remote

So, if the connection between the devices we have established, then you can start the LG TV Remote. Open the program on the smartphone and press the button “Device Scan”.

If all is well, then the program will find our TV. We select it.

See also:

At this moment on the TV screen (in the lower right corner) A code should appear.

We enter this code on the phone.

After that, a window with the user agreement will still appear, just click "To accept".

Everything can be controlled by your TV!

The coolest thing is the cursor, of course. You simply move on the screen of the smartphone, and the cursor moves on the TV screen. And on the right there is a virtual roller for scrolling, from the bottom there are buttons for adjusting the volume, a back button and a button for moving icons. Like this:

On the screen from which you can control the cursor, a button in the form of a game joystick is also available (see the screenshot above). If you click on it, the joystick will open, which can be used to control games.

On the main window, you can see two buttons for switching channels and two for volume control. And 6 more buttons that allow you to get quick access to such functions:

  • Launch Smart TV
  • Access to the list of applications
  • 3D launch
  • Digital panel for switching channels
  • Opening the list of channels (if I’m not mistaken, I just don’t have an antenna connected and this button is not active)
  • And the choice of signal source

If you move the screen to the left, a window with three icons will open:

  • Premium - access to applications from the premium section.
  • My apps - You can view all the applications that are installed on your TV and run the right one directly from your phone.
  • Smartshare - This is an application that allows you to connect different devices to the TV and manage media content. I will try to write more about this in a separate article.


I really liked the application! It works stably, connects and configures very easily.

Today it has just been updated, and has become even more beautiful and convenient.

Using the Smart TV function when you can control the cursor is much better and more enjoyable. In the same browser, navigating through sites is much more convenient. And for this it is not necessary to buy an expensive accessory. I am now about the LG Magic Remote.

Your questions, you can always ask in the comments. I will help with all I can :)! Good luck!