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Apple martini - a cocktail without vermouth


"Apple Martini" (English appletini, apple martini) - a cocktail based on vodka (gin) and apple schnapps (apple liquor or calvados).

There are several common recipes for Apple Martini.

The following is considered the most canonical:

30 ml of vodka, 10 ml of apple schnapps, 10 ml of Cointreau liquor. Served with a slice of apple.

Due to the rarity of apple schnapps, it is often replaced with apple green liquor, while maintaining the proportions of the drink.

A recipe using gin and vermouth is also common:

15 ml of London dry gin, 40 ml of apple green liquor, 25 ml of dry vermouth. The method of preparation is styrene, also served with a slice of green apple.

And the fourth variation - using apple brandy - Calvados:

50 ml of calvados, 20 ml of simple sugar syrup, 15 ml of lemon juice. Prepare in a shaker with ice, decorated with a slice of green apple.

Homemade Apple Martini Recipes

In the simplest version, they use: apple juice (cider or apple-based liquor), vodka (gin) and ice. For preparation, it is enough to mix 2 parts of juice and 1 part of vodka, then pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice. The drink is ready.

Simple home option

Martini lovers suggest making a cocktail according to the following recipe: pour 40 ml of apple liquor, 15 ml of gin (vodka) and 25 ml of Bianco martini (or other white vermouth) into a mixing glass, mix well and pour into a chilled glass (or filled with ice).

With the addition of a real martini

As you can see, homemade apple martini variants are made in 1-2 minutes and do not require specific ingredients. If you consider these options too complicated, I advise you to simply dilute the martini with juice, mineral water or vodka. Some even add tea, but personally I avoid such a combination.

In conclusion, some more interesting facts about Appletini:

  • it is the official drink of the Facebook social network, approved by Mark Zuckerberg,
  • "Apple Martini" is the favorite cocktail of John Dorian - the hero of the series "Clinic",
  • the drink is found in films such as "American Divorce" and "Social Network", as well as in the series "Two and a Half People", "Family Guy" and "Losers".

Green apple ginger martini step by step recipe

Make vodka: Shake vodka in a shaker with grated ginger. Leave on for at least 2 hours (the longer, the better). While filtering, squeeze ginger thoroughly to get maximum extract.

Place martini glasses in the freezer for cooling. For juice, chopped apple with water and lime juice, beat in a blender at maximum speed until smooth. Strain, discard the ground apple.

In a shaker, mix juice, vodka and syrup. Fill half with crushed ice. Shake and pour into glasses. Garnish with apple slices.

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